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Wedding Trend 20/21

Are you looking for fresh ideas to make your big day unforgettable? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Behind the Vows team has specially curated the wedding trends to make your wedding guests endlessly gushing about your wedding. You can thank us later! ;)


Since wedding is moving towards a more customized and personalized approach, couples are dared to express more of themselves, including the selection of color in their wedding. All-white weddings will be less likely seen compared to before, while vibrant & exciting color will make more appearance especially through high-end luxury weddings. Muted and pastel color palette will still be used but with props of clashing & strong color to brighten it up! Also, black will make its comeback in the wedding industry.


THEME Rustic and boho will move to the backseat, while couples prefer more elegant and classic design to create a timeless elegance. This includes the use of dreamy decor elements such as crystals, chandeliers, or any other hanging ornaments, and then combining it with bold color & metallic elements to strengthen the elegance of the wedding!

‘Moho’ theme - however will become popular among the boho/rustic fan - as quoted from the Wedding Academy, meaning “modern twist of the classic Boho with an injection of bolder more striking colors that give it a new modern twist’.



Its all about TEXTURES! We’re talking about cotton linens, printed ornaments, rattan, acrylics, mirrors, metallic frames, modern crystals and dried flowers. All of these elements, especially when combined with contemporary twists will add pops of vibrancy and modern feels to the overall wedding ambience. Large flower installation (from hanging, ceiling, even on the ground installation) with whimsical, wild, and unusual shape of arrangement will add more texture to the décor!

Since couple are moving away from the messy look, pampas is starting to make its way out. Instead, baby breath will make its comeback, together with dried mixed fresh flower for a wilder and out of the box floral arrangement.



Statement and dramatic look is the key for the trend, from oversized bows & 3D flowers, puff sleeves, high neck, to Victorian styled ruffled collar. Playful design such as tulle will be much opted because brides are looking for a dress that is light and easy to move around.

Also, jumpsuit will be taking its place in the bridal trend. We’ll be seeing less princesses and more queens this year!

Tarik Ediz 2020 Collection
Zuhair Murad Fall/Winter 2020-2021
Elie Saab Spring 2020
Lihi Hod Fall 2020
Oscar de la Renta Spring 2020


For the bride, cascade and crescents flower arrangement will be frequently seen. The bouquet is going to be a mixed of dried & dyed flowers with living flower to create more texture and drama. As for the bridal parties, instead of bouquet, they prefer stylized wearable florals – floral rings, clutches, and flower accessories/ jewelry.
Bridal Hoop from
Floral Comb from
Floral Corsage Bracelet from


Last but not least. This year, wedding cake will get more spotlight than ever before. Its all about showstopper! Instead for an afterthought, cake will be treated more about to create wow factor to the wedding guests. Cake designer is also getting more and more creative in crafting the fantastic wedding cake from geometric, matte & metallic finished, hand-painted (yes, calligraphy too!), to that asymmetrical cake!

If you still have any questions or just can’t decide on which trend you should adapt for your wedding, simply chat us! We’re more than happy to help via Zoom/ WhatsApp.

Also, in this self isolation period, we would love to contribute by offering free consultation for couples who need help in wedding planning. We know it must be hard for people to plan their wedding during this pandemic.

Stay safe everyone!



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