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Frequently Asked Questions


What will Behind The Vows do if I decide to engage with your wedding styling service?

- provide consultation related to aesthetics matter, including time management 

- create a wedding concept that defines you

- coordinate with vendors to ensure every aesthetic detail is according to the wedding concept

- styling on D-day


What makes Behind the Vows different?

Same like choosing your life partner, we believe chemistry is also needed in selecting your wedding vendors. They need to understand and perceive the same vision as you do, and even help you to translate all your ideas and dreams into tactical plans. Hence, we believe each wedding stylist is unique on its own. You just need to find the one whose style matches yours, and make you feel "this is it".


My budget is limited; I don't think I can afford a wedding stylist.

We aim to make the most out of your budget by prioritizing and advising you on what to or not to spend. Oftentimes, couples are not knowledgeable in cost per value of their spending. In short, by hiring us you are actually saving money by spending well. 


What other products/services do you have besides wedding styling?

- Prewedding/ Photoshoot styling

- Event styling

Or, do you have any other questions or

requests for your special day?  Don't hesitate to reach us at (+62) 838 900 900 93!

Why should I hire Behind the Vows as my wedding conceptor & stylist?

Wedding preparations can be a complex endeavor, and we understand the challenges involved all too well. Our team here at Behind the Vows is here to provide expert guidance and support, equipped with the know-how in coordinating vendors, venues and more, all while maintaining a cohesive style that best fits our client’s every desire. 


Who is behind the Behind the Vows team?

Our team consists of passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds who are ready to accommodate the different needs in styling a wedding. To learn more about who we are, you can visit our profile on the ‘Team’ page. Besides, you are more than welcome to set a virtual meeting prior, to explore more about us! We’d really love to know you and your dream wedding ideas. 


I already have a wedding organizer... so why do I need Behind the Vows?

Those are two completely different things. There is a big added value to having both a WO and BTV, which are two professionals working together.

WO will focus on D-day coordination and technical things about your wedding. They assure your wedding day runs smoothly and according to plan. While our job is to make sure your wedding is exactly what you want it to be aesthetically (just think of us as your new best friend!).


We get involved with you right from the very beginning to give you a vision of your wedding day and then work with selected vendors along the process to turn your dream wedding into reality.


Can I use Behind the Vows if I'm already in the midst of my wedding preparation?

Of course! We will generate a new concept mood board by combining an improved version of what you already have, with an infusion of personalized touch and unique features. Also, we will communicate your wedding concept to the vendors, ensuring all aesthetic details are in one harmony, and most importantly is that on D-day all vendors will do the execution according to the wedding concept.

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