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NILE Collection from Tiffany Liem Studios

A few weeks ago, we had the chance to style the upcoming collection from Tiffany Liem Studios, the NILE Collection.

The main theme of this collection was fabric manipulation, where each and every piece was made distinct by folds, braids, ruffles, and flowers; all using the very thing that built up the dress, the fabric itself.

We were beyond excited for this project as we had a specific concept we thought would be perfect for this shoot. We were aiming for effortless, chic, with plenty of neutral shades..

With that set in mind, we began looking for the perfect venue to showcase this collection, and here it is! The NILE Collection, beautifully shot in Concrete Studio, with its cement and knockdown wallpaper contributing to its charm.

A little background about this collection, the main fabric used was linen, a sustainable fabric made prominent by its texture, derived from weaving thousands of fibers.

The name of the collection “NILE”, was based on how Linen was already worn since Neolithic times by the Egyptians, and the fibers for linen were a major crop in ancient Egypt, grown by the help of The Nile River's annual flood.

The first dress of this collection- DRAPES, were made from Sukkhacita's PAGI fabric. PAGI was handwoven with unbleached cotton threads with randomised Indigo-dyed linens.

Here, Tiffany Liem only did simple drapery because they did not want to modify the fabric too much, and tassels were added to enhance beauty to the movement of the dress. Last but not least, this pair of white heels with a twist of edgy gold flower accessory by Cava Prive, gave it a perfect final touch to the whole look!

We'd like to go into detail for the installation idea.. Here, we wanted to highlight the romantic-industrial vibes, so we kept it simple and minimalistic with only foliages and stone installations.

Keeping in mind the pure theme, we only used whites, with plenty of neutral browns to achieve this modern rustic look. Shoutout to Weddings by Pola, for making it coming to life!

Next up, we have the second dress of the collection.

FOLDS. This simple tube and skirt pieces were made by manually creating boxy little folds to resemble the tartan pattern.

We chose to keep this set simpler, with the use of many stacked white chairs to create dimension and a sense of edginess. A totally cool look, don't you think?

Next up, we have LINES - a beautiful piece made from lines of different sizes.

Inspired by the lines visible from sand dunes, this piece's unique structure were lines of different widths and lengths placed upright to follow the shape and curves of a woman's body. The finishing piece was a flower made from 3 different colours of tulle, organza, and crinoline, and sewn on the waist line as the focal point of the dress..

Our personal favourite is up next, the BALLERINA! For this one, we had our model interact heavily with the set, wanting to showcase the lightness and flowyness of this dress.

The initial idea came when we suggested the designer to create a short dress for variety, and we were so glad when they decided to take the challenge and be a little more playful for this one.

Instead of just linen, they layered pieces of ivory tulle asymmetrically, and dangled some handmade fabric flowers on top of them. The fabric flowers were tied by a transparent thread and were sewn at the top only to allow them to dance along with the person in it. What a beautiful piece!

Even though minimal flowers were used, the placement of each branch and dried flowers successfully caught our hearts and set the mood!

We have STRAPS coming up next!

A simple yet sophisticated dress, the back of this dress was built by aligning a few very long straps that served to keep the dress in its shape by tying them together. The main idea was to have these straps moved along as the person moves.

Pairing them with the brilliant bracelet and giant hat from Noma made for an immediate scene stealer.

For the last piece, this again was made with Sukkhacita's fabrics, BRAIDS and named TITIK.

The embroidery dots of TITIK were created entirely by hand, each manually made using an ancient wooden loom.

The linen braids were added to follow along the neckline to the cutouts and an asymmetrical ribbon was added at the back to add volume.

The whole look was made perfect by the brilliant headpiece draped over the model's head, creating a whole royal feel to it, bring along a new vibe of edginess and style.

Thats a wrap for all 6 pieces of the collection! If you're interested in using NILE for your shoots, you can find the pieces available for rent at Tiffany Liem Studios.

We had so much fun concepting and styling this collection. A special shoutout to Tiffany Liem Studios for approaching us for such an interesting project, and giving us creative control from planning to execution. We hope to see you again in other styling projects!


Once again, couldn't be more grateful with these participating vendors who have contributed in creating “NILE” like no other:

Stylist & Conceptor: @behind.thevows

Videography: @hello.biei

Decoration: @weddingsbypola

Accessories: @noma_id

Shoes: @cavaprive

Talent: @hayatiazis


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