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Playful Paradise at The Stable

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Remember one of Depok's iconic wedding venues? Yup you guessed right, its The Manor Andara, and this time, they're back with another stunning wedding venue! Reintroducing The Manor’s latest venue, The Stable, with a whole new concept! The unique Stable features a semi indoor-outdoor setting with an all white interior, and beautiful tall ceilings! This time, our team got the opportunity to style this place for its open house event.

Serving as an inspiration for us this time, were the wonderfully bright colours we see all around us, and we’re pleased to showcase “Playful Paradise” into this all white venue.

For this concept, we brought all bold colours into the equation, bright fuchsia, with hints of bright orange and purples, showing everyone that bright colours never fail to impress!

Read on to see how we transformed this space into a modern, bright setting, fit for brides seeking an edgier look..

First things first, we always start with the beautiful stationery set, customary from Papeworks.

We’re so in love with this stationery set! To tone down the overall bright pops of the colours, they made this beautiful set in more muted versions of the palette, but still bringing plenty of colour variety and shapes.

Take a moment to appreciate the mini round place cards, as well as the menu with modern design! We definitely can’t get enough of this! 😍😍

Moreover, for the romantic brides, we didn’t forget to include this beautiful calligraphy suite from @claudiaarachel.

Choosing to keep the base neutral with handmade paper, this set surely didn’t disappoint! Dreamy calligraphy writing paired with handmade paper, tassels, and wax stamps, perfect for the romantic bride wishing to add colour to the usual neutral invitations.

For our brides to understand the look we’re going for, we’re showcasing this beautiful model, donned in @bramantawijaya, paired with headpiece from, and the bouquet from @roseandwillowwedding complimenting her final look…

Of course we stuck to the all white wedding attire to balance out the bright colours.. The major feature we’d love to highlight is this outer and pants set by @bramantawijaya, which had elements of an old victorian era, with neat front buttons, geometric lace, and trumpet sleeves, perfect for brides who’d like an alternative besides a dress!

We then specifically picked this headpiece for a big impact on the chic vibes we would like to expose. It was then paired with a sleek ponytail for a final touch, had our model looking so modern. This entire look had us swooning in love!

For an alternative look, @bramantawijaya also provided this ivory champagne ballgown for the reception look, showing that you can definitely wear a slightly coloured dress for your event, without worrying about looking out of place! Big shoutout to for coming up with the uniquely handcrafted ear-cuff mixed necklace, elevating her look to the next level.

Not to forget, thanks to @marlianaramlii’s magic hand for making our model looked glamorous yet flawless at the same time!

To showcase an elegant setting, we engaged @se.meja with the table setup. Using plates with elements of rose gold and @se.meja signature pink rosegold plates, paired with crystal goblets, this whole pairing felt like it was made for each other.

To top it off, we added white napkins, and placed the mini place cards from @papeworks on the each table..

What a beautiful combination, one that you can easily adapt for your event!

For the pièce de résistance, all the decoration details happening at the stable, concept by yours truly and realised to life by @roseandwillowwedding.

Let's start by diving deep into the colour palette. We noticed that most weddings in @themanorandara used mostly classic colour, and rarely explored bold colours. With this project, we wanted to really go all out with bright pops of colour here and there, hence bring such a shocking version of fuchsia, oranges, and purples.

With that in mind, each table was covered in a bright fuchsia tablecloth, and paired with acrylic napoleon chairs for a clean, more modern look. Each centrepiece in the middle was made in clusters, where flowers of similar colours were grouped together in circular shape, creating a one of a kind arrangement for the tables.

What left the most impression for us were the mini gardens in the aisles. We had the idea to create mini cluster of flowers sitting on top of a fuchsia circle. With many of the flower clusters all scattered around, it made a longing impression that each and every corner of the stable were filled with decorations!

This is an easy and effective way to make sure that your venue’s decor does not feel empty.

To compliment the tall ceilings of The Stable, @roseandwillowwedding also setup a greenery installation in each of the existing chandeliers, adding dimension to an otherwise tall ceiling, can we just say this really tied the entire look together!

Finally, no event would be complete without a cake.

Complimenting the entire look was the wedding cake from @sweetsalt_id.

Donned in a base of light pink and exploring with unique shapes, you can see that the topmost tier of the cake had an inverted oval shape, mimicking a flower vase with pink orchids blooming at the top.

Adorning the cake were ruffles made from white fondant, covering a large area of the cake, and adding more dimension to this 5 tiered cake! What a gorgeous piece of art.

We can say that against the all white backdrop of this venue, our colours were definitely striking, a good way of course, and drawing all eyes to the colourful theme of this styled shoot.

A major thank you to all vendors involved, thank you for your team work! Together we created this beautiful concept for The Stable.


The Dream Team:

Wedding Stylist & Conceptor: @behind.thevows

Photography & Videography: @voirpictures

Tableware: @se.meja

Invitation & Papeteries: @papeworks

Accessories :

Calligraphy: @claudiaarachel

Talent: @annatalia


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