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As quoted from the African proverb, "Alone we go faster, together we go further." Yes, it takes a village to realize your wedding fantasy!

At Behind the Vows, personality is valued as much as talent. Practicing a sense of ownership and going the extra mile are our mantras! Passionately dedicating ourselves to achieve your wedding dream are the words we live by!

Proudly presenting the people behind our team.

LAILA_photo_btv CIRCLE.png


One person with thousands of ideas.

Worry no more, with her presence all

the details in your wedding will be

aesthetically covered!

ciska_photo_btv CIRCLE.png


The most cheerful & lovable in the room.

Giving enlightening and endless amounts

of consultation is her hobby.



A reliable and creative mind who

passionately does her best to bring

any kind of dream wedding to life!

DELLA_photo_btv CIRCLE.png


Our rising star in the team who has a

detailed eye on beautiful things for

your wedding day!

GREY_photo_btv CIRCLE.png


The one who runs and oversees our projects, whom we rely on very much!


The multitalented one: from fashion to decoration, she knows it all!

NAMIRA_photo_btv CIRCLE.png


The stylish girl who knows the latest fashion trend, the go to person in dressing up our dearest couples!

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