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What the Bride & Groom Said About Us.

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"I'm grateful for you two!"

Jessica: "Ci lailaaa and ciska, bener bener im grateful for you two. You guys always tried to understand what i want, what we need, and managed to untangle my messy and complicated wedding concept and in turn realize it into something realistic. I know im not the easiest bride to deal with, apalagi banyak request dan revisi and very meticulous - and for that I thank you for coping up with me, and still giving us the best possible way out. Last night was magical!"


Hans: "Thank you very much Laila and Ciska for keeping up with my wife's wishes. Mulai sekarang klo ada calon pengantin yang tanya 'apa sih gunanya WS', gw udh bisa jawab. The both of you put in tons of effort into our wedding and we are definitely joyous. Thank you and good luck with your next projects"


"Really thankful to have them as a part of my wedding! ❤️"

The first time I heard about BTV was actually from my wedding organizer. I thought I needed the help because I am quite an indecisive person. I wanted something that is different and has a little bit of our story in the concept. So they asked me to take a questionnaire for them to get to know us better and guess what, the first mood board they showed me, I LOVED IT.


They are one of the greatest help for my wedding prep, they have amazing concepts and ideas, and are also VERY DETAILED. Special mention for Laila, I don't know how my wedding would look like without her, really. Also, Ciska helped me with every little detail from choosing wedding shoes, deciding the hairdo, accompanied me to fittings, styled every single outfit for our prewedding shoot. I am really thankful to have them as a part of my wedding !! ❤️❤️❤️


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The Best Wedding Stylist Ever

BTV keren banget!!! Super recommended sih, apalagi buat couple yang sama-sama sibuk, tapi pengen tetep aesthetic weddingnya dapet 🤩 Ci Ciska & ci Laila both are very helpful, very cooperative, pokoknya worth it bangetttt pake BTV as one of your wedding vendors 😆 superluvvvvvv ❤️


Most Patient And Insightful Wedding Conceptor & Stylist!

Looking back, we were so lucky to have BTV from the very beginning of our wedding planning! With a gazillion things that we have to decide on before the wedding, they are always there to listen to our stories and what we have in mind and gave very insightful suggestions to realise a wedding that is so beautiful and so uniquely us.

From the theme, colour scheme, decor, dress, wedding stationeries etc. They helped us plan out, select the most suitable vendors and also discuss the details directly with the vendors, which reduces our burden as a couple greatly! Additionally, their style and creativity gave birth to wonderful wedding details that blended with the main wedding theme so nicely❤️

Especially with COVID that unfortunately has to happen, we can't thank BTV enough for being so patient and manoeuvre around so many back-up plans with us. Thank you BTV team for your valuable advices and for understanding our stories and needs!




The Best Wedding Stylist Ever

Nothing can describe how we felt about Behind The Vows. They are always going extra mile for us, they are not only merely styling our wedding but did not hesitate to even help us chose wedding vendors that are suitable to our personality from video, photos, invitations, and so on.


We could not imagine what our wedding will look like without their help. For anyone of you who have zero knowledge on Wedding Preparation, it's really worth it to seek their assistance, they really helped us to create our beautiful moment and dream wedding memorable ❤️


Very Excellent ! 

Thank You so much for making our wedding day absolutely perfect. Helping us for take unique photos and BTV team very humble and kind. Not wrong to choose BTV for wedding stylist for my Wedding. Thankyou ❤️



Bringing Your Pinterest
Dream Into Reality

Selama ini aku cuma bisa scroll scroll pinterest buat flatlay dari wedding essentials, cuma mikir wah bagus bagus bangettt, cuma aku ga pernah nemu untuk yg pernikahan tradisional. kebetulan aku menikah dengan adat tradisional dan tentu ada keinginan supaya wedding essentials ku bisa kaya yg di pinterest, kemudian BTV mewujudkannya and even better!!!!


Selain buat flatlay, mereka bantu aku untuk bisa dapat foto yg bagus saat pernikahanku terutama untuk beauty shoot. To all bride to be, bekerjasama dengan BTV adalah salah satu hal yg akan kalian syukuri nantinya

RYAN & AYU - 2020

Thank you So Much BTV

Can’t thank them enough for arranging my prewedding photoshoot session!! 😊🙏🏼 mulai dari planning, brainstorming, and finally the shooting day everything went smoothly and well-prepared!! Konsep + ide dari BTV team juga sangat cocok sama aku & Vic.


BTV team juga superrr helpful mau dibawelin sm pertanyaan dari aku dan jg kasih referensi2 utk accessories, wardrobe, decor etc. once again thankyou for arranging everything, it was really fun to be working with both of u❤️


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The Best Decision
We’ve Ever Made!

Dealing with BTV was the best decision we’ve ever had during the wedding preparation. They were really helpful despite all the last minute changes due to pandemic. They paid attention to details and sincerely helped us in developing the wedding moodboard, finding the right vendors, and making sure everything was in place. Thanks so much BTV!


The Most Amazing Wedding Stylist And Planner (And the Best Friends For Brides!).

We met Behind The Vows team one year prior to our wedding date. We first met them to get a help on how to organize a wedding in Bali - we shared what style we would like to have for the wedding, we shared what we love. They quickly made a moodboard and it’s all on point! Not only that, we had to completely change our whole plan of Bali wedding, and we moved it to Bogor in less than 3 months from D-Day.


One of so many things I personally like about BTV is that they are so calm though things change, A LOT.


They crafted the new moodboard with a totally new concept in less than 1 week! They helped us to find the new vendors in Bogor. We couldn’t help but to cry our eyes out (in a happy way of course) when we realized that our wedding in Bogor turns out to be as beautiful (if not, BETTER!) as we imagined it to be in Bali. We definitely would’ve not pulled off a beautiful wedding if it was not because of BTV.


We would 100% recommend Behind The Vows for anyone who is planning to have a wedding, be it intimate or big one, you will never regret your decision working with BTV.


Thanks so much, Laila & Ciska ♥️


LINUS & CINDY - 2020


My Fairy Godmothers, Literally.

Thank you Behind The Vows for working your magic. Getting married during this global pandemic, Covid 19 is not just challenging, but we need reliable teams when Plan A, B, C, D ... Z don’t work.


I got in contact with behind the vow, 3 weeks before my wedding, without any idea what kind of decor do I want, who is the right vendor should I choose. These girls understand my personality and find the perfect vendor.


After a 5 hours of technical meeting, we found out that Jakarta will go on Full Lockdown the next week. Mean, goodbye wedding. But no, we managed to pull everything in 3 days! 3 days..!! Kayak bangun candi haha from placement name, table arrangement semua di print in 2 days time.


If I don’t have them, I will probably go crazy. Thank you so much! You guys truly are my dream team!


Thank you to Behind the Vows for all the help that they have given me in the wedding planning process!

Not only do the girls have amazing taste, I am also so grateful for their help with coordinating and negotiating with vendors for better deals. In every meeting (whether it was a small or big technical meeting), they were always present and walking with me every step of the way.


Every small detail was not missed, and because of that the whole concept of the wedding really came together in such a perfect and smooth way! I highly recommend their services!!


IMG_7091 2_edited.jpg

Behind the Vows has been very helpful since the beginning of our meeting

Not only that, they helped perfected our ideas. During the wedding day, they helped to style each of our photo sessions and went the extra mile by bringing tiny props to perfect every little detail.


In fact, Behind the Vows was the key to our bohemian-themed wedding. It wouldn’t just happen without them.


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