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Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Determining which colors you should pick for your wedding is one of the first steps you should decide in concepting your wedding. The reason is because everything else will revolve around it!

It's not as simple as combining your fiancé's & your favorite colors together, but it's more like finding a vision on what vibes/ theme you would like to have on your wedding day.

In this post we're gonna focus on the top 4 aspects that you should pay attention in choosing your wedding color palette:

1. Wedding Venue

Getting a color palette that is contrary to your wedding venue will give you a headache in the future, and will cost you a lot of money too! If you do this, you will need to adjust/ modify almost the whole thing to pull the concept off!

For example, if your venue has a lot of greenies and has a lot of nature like this, it would be harder to pull of a theme that requires other strong colors to dominate the place.

Imagine have to decorate and replace all the greenies with blue. It such a waste of money and beautiful place

On the contrary, if you rent a ballroom and jungle theme with a lot of greenies is the concept you would like to have for your wedding, surely we can pull it off, but it will cost you a fortune to transform a clean hotel ballroom into a jungle or flower garden.

2. Using Too Many or Too Little Colors

"You can't have it all" should be a mantra in your wedding planning, including choosing the color. If you want to combine your favourite color together with your fiancé's + your parents' + his parents', we can guarantee you it will be a disaster.

Narrowing your palette to only a few colors will keep decoration elements from looking too messy. You can use a variety of shades within the same hues to make it more neutral and less chaotic. But if you dare to be different you can opt for monochromatic and contrast or bold shades altogether!

However, if you are just strict with too little color, it will make your wedding look flat and boring. You can choose up to 3 main colors with 3 more supporting colors as your color palette.

3. Couple's Character

We believe the character of the couple plays a big role in choosing the right color palette, because it somehow defines whether the color palette suits the wedding mood/ vibes. If you and your partner are a typical romantic couple, you might wanna go with calm/sweet colors like pastel or neutral with a little twist of bright color like yellow or orange. But if your relationship is rather passionate and daring, you might wanna go with more eccentric and bold colors like maroon or black!

4. Perception of Color

You have to remember that your theme and color selection are inseparable! A well designed wedding will make the guests understand the theme without having to read it somewhere, because perception of the color will drive your guests to it.

Mostly color with warm undertones or bright like yellow and orange would build energetic vibes, while cool undertones like blue would build calming and serene vibes.

Below are some inspirations for your wedding color & theme ideas.

  1. Above - Left: Romantic Elegant, using pink & gold as the main colors

  2. Above - Right: Timeless Elegant, using black & white as the main colors

  3. Below - Left: Sleek and Classic, using white as the main color

  4. Below - Right: Rustic Natural, using green and natural brown as the main color


Last but not least, if you still can’t decide on which color you should pick for your wedding or need more guidance in choosing the right color that represents you, don’t hesitate to reach us out for a free consultation! We’ll be more than happy to have a chat with you to get to know you more, so we can decide which color palette suits you best :D




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