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Art in Syariah

Taking the theme of hijab, which is a symbol of beauty and modesty in Islamic culture, we hope to share styling inspirations for Indonesian brides on ways to incorporate hijab into wedding and fashion look, looking elegantly stunning and beautiful while still keeping in line with traditional religious culture.

Inspired by three of the biggest Islamic countries across different continents—Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco, each concept takes a different approach to hijab style: ‘akad’, ‘resepsi’, and fashion.


Being the country with the largest population of Muslims in the world, Indonesia has been well-known as an Islamic culture center in Asia even back since the era of monarchy in the 8th century. Religion evolved hand-in-hand with culture, including in wedding ceremony, bringing what we now know as ‘akad’—a tradition of wedding matrimony and blessing where the groom and the bride is officially married by ‘penghulu’. Each province has its own ‘akad’ tradition, contributing to the rich cultural diversity Indonesia has.

This time, we choose Javanese culture as the highlight. The bride looks effortlessly elegant in white lace kebaya and batik sarong, paired with embellished slip-on shoes to match the attire, with natural glowing make up and cunduk mentul to bring out her inner radiance.

Rattan—or known as ‘rotan’ in Indonesia—adorning the minimalist rustic style decoration, symbolizes humility a woman should possess in her role as a wife and mother.


Morocco has long been the fascination of travellers, artists, and everyone in general. This country has also been inspirations for various movies and artworks, which is no wonder considering the rich culture and interesting story it has. Exuding a very exotic vibe, everything seems captivating and colorful in this North African country. With over 99% of the populations being Muslims, there’s a lot of fashion trends incorporating hijab and kaftan, which is the source of our inspiration for this look.


Saudi Arabia can be said as the center of Islamic history and culture, not just in the Middle East region but around the world. It is also the birth country of Nabi Muhammad SAW, whose birthday we celebrate today as Maulid Nabi Muhammad SAW 1442H.

Inspired by Arabian princess royal wedding gala, the bride wears sparkling silver modest gown and extravagant crown. With bold make up and jewelry, this look is sure to steal the spotlight as you be the queen of the night!


Written by Anita - Noma

Participating Vendors

Muse @oceanealagia

Stylist @behind.thevows

Photo @tessypenyami @askformoments_official


Kebaya & Gown @irenejessie_atelier

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Jewelry & Accessories @noma_id

Shoes @langkahbylinalee

Make Up @rachelayu_mua

Hijabdo @rahma_makeuphair

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Nail Art @luxora_co

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