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Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Continuing our previous article about the elopement, in this post we would like to really show you on how to transform your own house into the elopement venues!

Lets take a look at the first option, your garden.

1. Garden

From just a small space of your backyard, it could be transformed into this beautiful garden to exchange your vows! Just add this small arch and cross-back chair to give a nature feels, simple but pretty!✨


2. Living Room

Please take a look at the "before" and "after" of this living room. Even though it takes an effort to move some of the stuffs around, but just look at the result! Definitely worth it. The hanging flower arrangement brings a totally different mood and modern feels to the room. You can have a standing elopement procession or just simply add some acrylic tiffany chairs on the left and right side. Tips: due to its transparent color, acrylic chair is very suitable for a limited space and can go along easily with most of the house decorations.


3. Fishpond

If you're looking for a romantic ambience to elope, just go for something similar to this! You can explore around with simple lightbulb or fairy lights and add some warm-tone flower arrangements! Last but not least, add a few candles ornaments to make it more intimate.


Are you still confused on how to utilize the space of your house? Or you don’t know which florist or decorator to contact? Don’t worry! Simply let us know that you’re planning to elope through Whatsapp or email!



First floral arrangements from The English Room

Second floral arrangements from The Dainty Lion

Thrird floral arrangements from Anne van Midden


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