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Choosing Black as Your Main Wedding Color

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Choosing black as one of your wedding’s main colors might sound unusual. But if you dare to be different, black could be one great option for you. We have discussed a bit on our Instagram, and in this article, we’ll give you a more comprehensive explanation!

The one million dollar question is, under what circumstances should I use black for my main color?”

Some of the thoughts that you can consider:

1. If you want to have an everlasting wedding theme: as we all know, black is the color that never goes out of date!

2. If your wedding date falls in the autumn/ winter season: though we’re not living in a 4-seasons country, but you can use this reference if you’re planning a wedding destination during Fall and Winter. Wedding destination trends are increasing overtime, and nowadays people are leaning towards the experience of an intimate wedding compared to a big ballroom wedding!

3. If you love classy and elegant vibes for your wedding: What is the one color of dress that you’re still able to wear without looking out of style even after 5+ years? Yep, black! Still remember the iconic dress that Audrey Hepburn wore back in 1950? The famous “Little Black Dress”! Black is definitely the representation of both classy and elegant.

Given those reasons above, now let's discuss on some of the tips on having black as your dominant color:

1. Keep your wedding colors from looking too dark by mixing cream or ecru white hues into the palette: black is not necessarily dark. White and cream can balance out the vibes while at the same time maintaining the classy look that we want.

2. Pull some soft supporting colors like blush or pale green. If you don't want the color palette to be too neutral or plain, you can play around with pastel colors to get an elegant look.

3. Pull some vibrant supporting colors if you want to get a bold or an eccentric look, like yellow, coral, or maroon. These pop up colors will stand out and make your wedding unique.

4. Pay attention to the lighting that you’re going to use for the event. People often make mistakes by not putting lighting into the calculation. Having your wedding under natural sunlight vs closed space will require different lighting needs. For a bold/ eccentric look, you will need a more dramatic lighting set than the pastel combination. Also, if you’re gonna have your party under the natural sunlight, you should consider and avoid color combinations that are too dark.

5. Make sure the element/ furniture of the venue supports black as one of the dominant colors. Like what we said in our last blog post, we should really consider our main contributor to the design, which is the venue. Sometimes deciding the color palette and venue is like chicken and egg, you need to decide one thing first in order for you to decide the other one. There’s no right or wrong, you can simply consult with your stylist/ decorator!

Our collaboration with @thestoryandcophoto is presented to give you some visualization on the idea of using black color for your wedding! Trust us you won’t regret it!

And here are some looks with black dominating the table setup.

We're combining purple grey with black and mixing gold and silver touch to make the color palette more "alive" and balancing the neutral tone! The objective is to create the everlasting and elegant wedding decoration. Calligraphy by @ecriture_id.

We can see how black can be BIG in the next wedding trend!

So, do you dare to be the first??


Reach us out to explore more about what we will do to style your wedding to be that one of a kind wedding and most importantly defines YOU!

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