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Vibrant Chinoiserie for Billy & Enrica's Sangjit

As we move forward, we've noticed that events are getting smaller and a little more adventurous with their colour palette, which we are absolutely loving! Together with Syv Studio, we worked to create this one of a kind look for Billy and Enrica's traditional Chinese engagement.

We have to thank the bride for this one, she completely entrusted Behind the Vows for all her decoration concept. Taking into account her cheerful personality, we wanted to highlight how she lights up the people around her, hence we chose to use bright orange, and electric blue as the two vibrant colours of their event.

Presenting you the Sangjit ceremony of B&E, Vibrant Chinoiserie. Read on to find out more about their entire decoration concept!

Held in The Tribrata and witnessed only by their closest families, this intimate ceremony set up featured stunning oranges paired with eclectic blue along with a chinoiserie touch that really highlighted the traditional roots of the couple.

Moving on to their bridal table setting, of course we wanted to incorporate everything according to theme. After searching high and low, we found the perfect blue chinoiserie plates to tie everything together! Paired with gold show plates, cutleries, and crystal goblets, the result was a stunning and elegant table decor for the couple.

As for the bridal backdrop, we gathered inspiration from various types of chinoiserie patterns that we combined into one installation. The shape of the backdrop, made from different pillars and gold metal structure, was something we don't see very often in ceremonies, and we are so here for it!

We definitely wouldn't be forgetting the bridal attire! Enrica wanted to look playful but elegant at the same time, so we brought this idea of a jumpsuit based outfit.

With a terracotta jumpsuit, paired with a gorgeous salmon outer, along with hand sewn embroidery, our bride looked regal throughout the whole event.

Along with Tiffany Liem Studio and her detailed craftsmanship, we brought the idea to life.

We also recommended brick terracotta colour for Billy to match his bride and the decoration theme. Loving how he pulled it off beautifully!

For her accessories, we paired this carved peacock wooden hairpin with an extra large jade earrings from Noma to add more Chinese elements in her look.

All pictures wonderfully captured by FCG Sangjit. With their fresh colours and concept, we achieved a look truly unique to the couple.

Congratulations on your journey Billy & Enrica, we can't wait to see you at the wedding!


Together with these vendors we made their very special day come true:

Wedding Stylist: @behind.thevows

Decoration: @syvstudio

Photo: @fcgsangjit

Cheongsam: @tiffanyliemstudio

Accessories: @noma_id

Organizer: @ionaevents


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