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Turquoise Ikebana for Glenn & Sharleen's Engagement

We absolutely love small intimate events, and this engagement was no exception. Sticking with the Chinese tradition that engagement ceremonies should be held in the future bride's home, we take a peek into this modern and closely knit family affair, styled by yours truly.

For Glenn & Sharleen, we knew we wanted something eccentric for them for it represented their outspoken personalities. We chose this unique turquoise and teal shade as the dominant color, paired with bold specks of oranges and yellows.

Starting the series off with their calligraphy details specially made for them by Claudia Rachel.

We loved the combination of this color palette on stationary! Spot the turquoise patterned paper cranes that was displayed around our couple's names.

Up next were their engagement hampers detail..

Done beautifully by Silverjoy Gift, we wanted their engagement to be more modern rather than traditional, and that spoke for the hampers too.

The base of the box was acrylic, with printed abstract patterns covering the sides of the acrylic box. The inserts were all equally stunning with intricate design on each one.

Fun fact, did you know that Sharleen actually wore a jumpsuit instead of a dress? When she came to us, we suggested to wear pants instead for the modern edgy look, and et Voila, the designer Hian Tjen came up with this two piece attire, consisted of jumpsuit and a detachable cape.

Adoring the intricate embroidery detail, mimicking the overall color palette of her Sangjit! 😍

To complete the look, jade earrings was added and this beautiful hairpiece by Rinaldy Yunardi was placed on top of the low bun hair style. Don't you agree she looked absolutely regal? Honestly she reminded me of colonial Princess's getting ready for a procession. Absolutely stunning!

Calling all bride-to-be who want to opt for jumpsuit on your Sangjit day, but still looking elegant - don’t forget to save this as inspiration!

Moving on to the most exciting part - the decoration. We were so excited when Sharleen told us that the Sangjit will be at her residence in a semi outdoor setting with lots of natural light ✨

Starting from the foyer, this beautiful table atop an existing counter greeted all their guests. Our theme, Aquamarina Ikebana really shone through the florals and palette!

To name a few florals, there were plenty of dyed asparagus, dyed orchids, hydrangeas, tulips all happily smiling and displaying their beauty to the decor.

We knew from the start that Royal Design & Decoration would be the one to bring this vibrant decor to life, and oh boy, they did our mood board right!

Inspired by the Japanese Ikebana arrangements, we wanted the table centerpieces to be a beautiful mess with much thought that went to each arrangement.

Starting from the VIP long tables, tall unique vases in black filled the table, with overflowing florals. We'll let the pictures speak to you.

We chose the to balance out the bright palette with black, so that the overall look created harmony. Hence black Tiffany chairs with the black vases finished the table arrangements. Topping it off, we had tableware from Semeja and stationary from House of Papeterie to sweeten up the setting.

Not to forget the other guest tables, we had these custom circular black vases as a focal point. Paired with the teal tablecloths, everything just fell together nicely!

On the topic of vases.. We wanted their sangjit cakes to be special as well and reminiscent of their theme. Avoiding usual cake designs, Sweetsalt modeled the cake like the vases displayed on the table! Truly love this out of this world design!

Time for the unveiling of the main stage, our grand finale..

Knowing the main backdrop spot will be above the pool, we requested additional flooring to cover the pool area, and we created a concept that would enhance the existing pool wall.

Revealing the stunning combination..

To beautify the existing backdrop, a giant arrangement out of branches and flowers was then created in front of it. Wood elements were also added into the installation to make everything blend smoothly.

Every bit of the florals were absolutely divine. This one is definitely one of my personal favourites!

When the Sangjit standing trays were removed, this installation also served as a beautiful photo backdrop!

Compiling some of our favorite shots by FCG Sangjit where here we can see how all of our styling was put together - from the decoration to the attire.

One step closer, Glenn & Sharleen! We'll feature their wedding day soon, so don't forget to stay tuned!



Engagement Stylist - @behind.thevows

Calligraphy - @claudiaarachel

Stationery - @houseofpapeterie

Souvenir -

Accessories - @rinaldyyunardi

Baki Trays -

Tableware - @se.meja


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