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Sunny Reds for Rey & Jessica's Sangjit

Showcasing the Sangjit ceremony of Rey & Jessica, here we opt for a mixture of muted oranges, with shades of dominant reds and whites.

The entire Sangjit theme was inspired by blending both Chinese culture and Japanese design elements together, as our bride to be was a big fan of all things minimalism.

Here we start this series with a flat lay of their engagement details✨

To enhance her engagement attire, Chinese fan with scallop detail featuring detailed beading and elements were used as well.

As her dress was a high collar one, we chose for her to style her hair with an up do and finished with this stunning headpiece by @epajewel. As for her earrings, we chose a simple jade drop down earring, still creating impact without being to much for her frame.

We absolutely loved the colours in her headpiece and earrings, the sage green and light peaches, beautifully accenting her final look 🤍

Let's talk more about Jessica's Qipao. She was wearing a qipao from @dannysatriadi_official in a beautiful sage green colour where the embroidery on this dress was beautifully detailed, with intricate floral patterns and gold borders.

One cute personalisation was that Jess wanted her Qipao to be adorned with rooster and dog, depicting both the couple’s Chinese astrology. We can say that we’re absolutely in love with the craftsmanship!

On the other hand, Rey wore a traditional black Changshan from @agusslim. Even though there wasn’t much embroidery detail on his outfit, the sleeve hem was made in a beautiful green that blended nicely with the decor installation.

Before we move on to the main event, our bride to be did a beauty shoot around the hotel area with @sincerastory , resulting in beautiful shots of their engagement moments.

Moving on to the decoration concept, guests were greeted by this acrylic welcome sign with florals.

The engagement theme for this was Sunny Reds with a twist of Japanese elements. We wanted to feature Japanese zen design with draping trees, and lots of rocks and moss detail. Shoutout to @cafeduchocolatcorp for beautifully bringing this design to life.

Lots of rocks and mosses were used to create the illusion of a Japanese landscape, and to balance out the bright colours!

The entire stage was dominantly white, while the colours were shown in the floral arrangement by each stand.

Acrylic stands were used as each tray stand, to keep the decor clean and minimalist. From afar, it looked like the Sangjit trays were floating, and it added a modern touch to the decor.

Their engagement cakes, both by @charlottes_patisserie. The design was made to replicate their outfit, Rey’s Changshan, and Jessica’s Qipao.

Take a look at the intricate details of the cake, mimicking each embroidery. Truly two beautiful pieces of art to adorn the stage!

Going into detail the bridal table centrepiece, a low but large centrepiece was chosen to fill the space. This circular floral arrangement features green and brown mosses, with bright flowers of orange, reds, pinks peeking throughout.

We’re in love with the family table details, thanks to @cafeduchocolatcorp. This menu used elements from their invitation and hampers design, and finished with an acrylic name tag for each guest.

The design was kept simple and functional to cater to the crowd of the event. Light coloured tablecloth were used to accentuate the bright centrepieces of orange and reds, with the arrangements in different heights to create dimension.

Use of acrylic chairs and acrylic elements were a major part of the decoration to keep things clean and sleek.

The final product was a stunning decoration with minimalist white and grey panels. The focal point, draping tree in front of the backdrop, added a new focus to the backdrop.

Hampers wrapped in Furoshiki style in line with out modern Japanese Sangjit theme.

Truly loved this concept and so happy to see our vision come to reality with this event. Tell us what you liked most in this decor, because this is definitely one of our favourites!

Thankful for this event, and we still have Rey & Jessica's wedding to blog about, so stay tuned!


Together with them, we made their dreams came true:

Sangjit Conceptor & Stylist - @behind.thevows

Decoration - @cafeduchocolatcorp

Gown - @dannysatriadi Accessories - @epajewel

Photography - @sincerastory


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