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Whimsical Aviation for Armando & Jocelyn's Wedding

What happens when our couple fell in love during aviation school?

Long story short, A & J met during their time together at aviation engineering school, and graduated together.

And you know what this means? Of course we had to incorporate both their loves for aviation into their wedding!

Keeping that in mind, we developed the idea to use paper planes throughout their wedding stationary and concept. With the bride and groom's preference for bold colours, we chose dark teal, coral, and maroon to be their main showcased colours.

Come, let us whisk you away into the whimsical aviation theme for Armando & Jocelyn's wedding.

Bespoke wedding stationary by Meilifluous Calligraphy, we love the paper planes with gold foil, a subtle and personalised touch to their whole suite.

Styling with crimson and dyed teal flowers, we were smitten with how the colour combination turned out!

The classic lace robe never goes out of style! Our bride chose this beautiful piece by Whimsey June. And who doesn't love the long veil trailing behind? We definitely do.

Next up, the wedding dress by the talented Yefta Gunawan.

For her once in a lifetime dress, we opted for this classic sleek white dress to complement her elegance! Jocelyn is a fan of simple minimalist look, but we still want to incorporate modernity in her dress, hence @yeftagunawan added some cut-outs enhance her body shape.

And not forget, the stunning open back, and the ever classic sleeve details got us crazy in love!

Spot the airplane pin beside our groom corsage, we're absolutely digging the personal touches of this wedding.

This stunner by Florabastille, truly takes our breath away! The use of more uncommon flowers like Dahlias, Ranunculus, and Astilbe, in coral and brick red colours to construct the bouquet, definitely makes for a charming one.

Heading on to their Holy Matrimony...

Seeing their in love faces, truly made us so joyful.

And so, the celebration continues!

Illuminated by fairy lights and golden planes, our whimsical tunnel welcomed our guests into the foyer and inside the ballroom. This absolutely has us feeling so excited for the time when we can travel the world freely!

Showstopper? YES! Our wide backdrop was inspired by, Icon Design Italia - that plays with curves, arches, and block colours! With our main bold colours (dark teal and maroon), combined with white and gold as the supporting colours, we created this modern stage fitting for our pilot couple! This beautiful decoration was brought to life by the talented team of @steve_decor.

Focusing on our bridal table, we adorned the entire table with florals of varying colours. This combination pops the different textures of the different flowers, from the flat and wide ones like Anthuriums, to the many petaled ones such as the Garden Roses.

Spot our very personalised napkin holder! A tiny golden bird perched on top of the grey napkins, such an elegant touch to finish the bridal table setting.

Onto the wedding cake! Details really matter to us, so we brainstormed with @ec_cakery on how we should design the cake for A&J, and can’t be much happier with the result! Simple white wedding cake decorated with these minimalist translucent layers, and then topped with coral and terracotta flowers to match the overall theme and mood.🤍

Halfway through the celebration, our bride switched to another stunning dress by Felicia Ng, to prepare for their first dance. This tulle flowy dress allowed for ease of movement, as they danced through the night away!

Sealing the night with a kiss from the newlyweds...

Thank you so much for your trust in us, Armando & Jocelyn! May you two always stay in love, and enjoy this new journey together!


Concept & Styling by @behind.thevows

Organised by @id_n_co

Custom bespoke invitation by @meili.fluous

Wedding Dress by @yeftagunawan

First Dance Dress by @msfeliciang

Decoration by @steve_decor

Bouquet by @florebastille

Cake by @ec_cakery

Morning Robe by


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