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Winter in Seattle Inspired for Richard and Sisilia's Wedding

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

A very interesting project, where winters in Seattle were the main inspiration behind everything! Richard & Sisilia were true Seattle lovers, infusing it into their wedding theme.

This beautiful muted blues, greys, and whites colour palette were inspired by snowfall, something our couple loved. Together with @papeworks , this modern ethereal invitation suite was born. Pine trees silhouette were incorporated all over the suite, reminiscent of the couple's winter trip to Seattle. The rest of the suite were kept modern and played with different typographies to ensure a clean look.

Also by Papeworks, our couple’ vow books featured the beautiful lake in Seattle, which was one of our couple’s favourite spots!

Aside from the main invitation suite, we’re loving this Holy Matrimony book by @houseofpapeterie as well, illustrating their university campus in blind embossing finish! Other details like the table numbers, menu, and place cards were all designed according our wedding theme, featuring elements of the snowy Seattle.

To add a personalised touch to R&S' wedding, for the handwritten calligraphy keepsake suite, we engaged @handwrittenbylee for this beautiful set! Dominating dusty blues, and white & grey neutrals were used to keep everything according to our colour palette. Another beautiful illustration, The Needle Tower, one our couple’s favourite spots during their time in Seattle!

One little tip from us, incorporating details from your love journey onto your stationery suites is the perfect way for you to treasure beautiful memories by ensuring they're etched onto your wedding theme.

Continuing our styling shoot with more of Richard and Sisilia's wedding details, like this ring bearer and ring box customised with their initials on it.

Featured here are the bridesmaids boxes, personal gifts from the bride to her bridal party which are bottles of wine. We love how the details on the bridesmaid card is made out to be the silhouette of Seattle to tie in with the whole theme.

The souvenir box design was also influenced by the wintery mountains of Seattle the couple loves so much.

For Sisilia's beauty shoot, instead of the typical kimono for her morning robe, she opted for a romantic lace cami dress. Delicate lace and flowy chiffon material graced this robe, making it such a romantic and easy to wear style! Credits to @jeantirtamarta for translating the design beautifully.

The wedding dress design was one we don’t usually see as a popular choice for brides, but Sisilia totally rocked the look! Made dominantly from flowy chiffon material, this lightweight with a twist dress was definitely a stunner.

The details were absolutely breathtaking.. with beautifully pearled wrist cuffs and neckline, completed with an embellished belt. For the love of pearls, large pearl buttons were used to create an elegant back detail!

Spot also, this ethereal long veil, with delicate snowflakes detail on the bottom, all made especially for our bride’s love of the winter season.

Take a peak at this beautiful moment between the bride and her bridesmaids during the handing out of the bridesmaids boxes. The bridesmaids look were also kept sleek and minimalistic to stay in tune with the whole wedding theme.

Here's a better look at their blue pleated dresses created by @officialclaude . We love how the fabric draped over their silhouettes. So dreamy ✨

Onward to the Holy Matrimony setup. We wanted to recreate their favourite winter in Seattle! Every inch of the venue was covered with light grey flooring and wall covering to help achieve the desired ambience. Trust us when we say flooring & wall covering plays a huge part in developing the decoration!

Multiple white cylinders were used to create a modern look, while the addition of the draping white florals around the backdrop created the illusion of snow covered leaves.

Not only decorating the backdrop area, we also wanted the all the guests to feel like they were surrounded by snow forest. Lush and full white with blue grey florals covered the aisle walkway, making the perfect snowy ambience for our bride to walk down in.

Large floor to ceiling illustration of a winter forest were installed to cover both front and back walls, with 3D tree trunks placed to bring the illustration to life.

All the furniture used were kept acrylic to create the white and light mood, and we truly felt like we were in a winter wonderland!

For the night reception look, can you believe it's still the same base as the morning dress? The flowy chiffon top cover was removed to reveal this classic white satin dress with subtle fabric drapery.

To add more flair during the grand entrance, an additional long white satin cape was added to the back of the dress, so it sashays with her every move. 3D floral details were scattered all throughout the cape for a slight touch of elevated elegance.

For the evening reception, we elevated the Holy Matrimony celebration to become grander! Starting with the foyer area, large winter forest illustrations were placed all around the venue, encapsulating guests inside the snowy forest.

Dramatic hanging white florals popped up in front of the illustration on this decorative panel, further enhancing the ambience of this mysterious and elegant decor.

Remember the Holy Matrimony set up? for the Reception, we re-utilised it as a photo spot for the guests!

In the Reception Ballroom itself, white solid curved tables were strewn in the area to create more dimension and difference between the tables used. As for the tables, lush floral installations in dusty blue and white filled the entire curved tables, gracing guests will beautiful florals, a feast for their eyes. Work from @sion_decor translated our concept beautifully.

Keeping everything in theme, the star of the reception was the dance floor, large white circular dance floor was installed in the middle of the venue, with lush abstract hanging florals above, for the couple to have their first dance and all other wedding processions.

Use of lighting also helped created this beautiful ambience. With the lighting effects done, the guests were able to have a more immersive wedding experience. To top it off, large LED screen was installed for entertainment and the couple’s grand entrance.

For the cake showpiece, @k.pastries created this multi tiered cake, with elements of pine trees winter and blue acrylics strewn across the cake. LED light strip were also used to create the wonderful lit up cake.

Thank you Richard & Sisilia for the chance to create this wonderland journey for your wedding🤍



Wedding Stylist - @behind.thevows

Wedding Organiser - @projectartplus

Invitation & Vow Books - @papeworks

Stationery - @houseofpapeterie

Calligraphy - @handwrittenbylee

Morning Robe - @jeantirtamarta

Ring Box - @lovelours

Dress - @hiantjen

Bridesmaids Dresses - @officialclaude

Decoration - @sion_decor

Tableware - @se.meja

LED & Lighting - @lasika

Photo - @pyaraphoto


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