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Poetic Blue for Nicholas & Sarah's Wedding

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

This wedding was especially dear and special to my heart, with yours truly being the bride of this event. Inspired by my love for blue shades, my colleagues at Behind the Vows decided to transform my wedding into a blue haven, filled with everything I love.

Honestly, wedding planning during a pandemic is one of the most challenging things! With all the last minute changes, I felt that there were so many things I could not control. Despite all this, the moment I saw my wedding become a reality, my heart heaved a sigh of relief and the feeling of happiness just burst inside me.

Without further ado, let me take you on a virtual journey on the wedding that truly captivated my heart, my once in a lifetime event.

First up the wedding calligraphy keepsake! Being a vendor myself, I've always known who I wanted to create my keepsake, none other than The Other Day.

This beautiful set was so dear and personal to me, with lots of personal details infused in. Starting with the 3D paper flowers, as I am a major lover of all blooms, to the gorgeous shades of blues and greys used in this set.

Styled together with these tulips, everything just looks so stunning!

A closer look on the customised vow books, with the abstract strokes, gold foil and finishing grey tassles. How could I not love this set?

For the formal wedding invitations, this set was exclusively designed and printed by Ruang Duarana, with a mix of modern and handmade vintage paper. I have always loved modern & minimalist designs, and it definitely shows in my suite.

With plenty of white space, blind emboss, holographic foil finishing, and styled beautifully by the team, my wedding details were definitely one I'll always remember!

Alongside the invites and calligraphy, we definitely did not miss on creating a beautiful menu, with designs and printing from House of Papeterie.

This round bespoke menu was made exclusively for my wedding, with a particular emphasis on the fonts used and minimalist design, I'm so glad HOP's designer was able to make this menu come true.

Some more beautiful shots by Morden and Kamuaku photo.

For the morning preparation session, I was honestly completely blind what kind of robe I wanted to wear. Together with Felicia Ng, BTV helped to create this gorgeous ethereal robe.

This beautiful piece was made with full lace and finished with thick ruffles, and not to mention a super long train!

Paired with an intricate handmade 3D floral hairpiece for a maximum refined look. With the hairpiece already quite a showstopper, BTV chose to style my earrings with a simple diamond stud to complete the entire look.

More details about the wedding dress coming up!

During the dress making process, I always loved a full satin look without any embellishments, yet a part of me longed for the European designer dress look, with full lace and beadings. Being so conflicted with having to choose one or the other, I'm so glad that BTV and Felicia Ng brainstormed together to create this gorgeous piece for me.

This dress features an entirely different look for both Holy Matrimony and reception. The morning dress features a deep V neckline satin dress with peeking beaded bodice. Hint: this bodice will be worn again for the reception dress! ✨

The bouquet was kept simple and pure, with only 2 ingredients, dyed blue phalaenopsis orchids and draping white amaranthus.. Such a classic look, perfect for what I was aiming for!

Of course with everything in blue, my bridesmaids had to be in blue as well.. They're donned in a navy halter dress with multi-layer pleated tulle from Kauseya, and holding an all blue bouquet for their accessory.

Moving on to the Holy Matrimony decor.. For the love of flowers and blues, I wanted a giant flower wall but wasn't sure how. Alongside the stylists of BTV and the wonderful team of Bloomsville, they created this giant flower frame for me!

Even though it was very obvious that BTV were only playing with one main hue for our wedding day, they challenged themselves to aim for two totally different moods for the Holy Matrimony and Reception by choosing different shades of blues and exploring with lighting!

Here they opted for softer shades of blue to build a classic & calm atmosphere for a sacred ceremony. I am a big fan of messy flower arrangements so this was exactly what I wanted.

Spot the wedding logogram made by Ruang Duarana especially for us!

To finish it off, the stylists decided to pair everything with acrylic chairs to create the illusion of a larger space.

As a self proclaimed flower lover, I so appreciated all the fresh and imported florals that Bloomsville incorporated into this decor!

Moving on to the reception prep! Fun fact! I actually had my hair cut right there and then to ensure that the final look would be a very sleek ponytail. Look how many people were there with me to help me prepare. Felt so much like a princess on that special day!

BTS of my hair getting chopped off!

Remember when I mentioned that my dress actually had two looks? When you remove the first layer - the long sleeved satin A line part -, reveals a fully laced and embroidered mermaid style dress! A totally different look from the first dress, and I got to have my dream of a satin dress, and a full bling dress!

Shoutout again to all vendors involved for coming up with this amazing idea.

So excited to be showing you guys the part of my reception decor. Wanting to keep it simple, BTV chose to use black pipes as a standee for the photo gallery spot.

Exploring with bright and solid shades of blue resulted in such a gorgeous decoration! Feeling like I'm forever stuck at the reception night…

Three main features used to achieve the desired look were: pleats, colour, and lighting. Shoutout to Wonderworks for going through all the hassle to find the exact flower types & colours BTV envisioned, and especially for discovering the right shape of pleats!

We opted for a glossy black flooring to enhance the elegance look, and really, this colour scheme works the best with black flooring, don't you agree?

Supporting black tablecloths, beautiful centrepieces and acrylic candelabras all decorating the guest tables.

Since we weren’t able to find blue coloured chairs here in Jakarta, BTV decided to use the acrylic ones instead. In fact, it made everything look even nicer! Those chairs somehow made everything look more “blue”, because it allowed us to see the reflection of the whole ambiance created.

My absolute favourite, the helicopter view of the decoration. This entire mood wouldn't have gone so great without the help of additional ambience lighting from Lumens, so shoutout to them and lighting REALLY enhances one's decorations.

If you take a closer look on the bridal table, you can surely spot my adoration for flowers! I especially requested the usage of many orchids, and Wonderworks certainly did not disappoint!

Combining phalaenopsis, anthuriums, carnations, and many other blooms, I fell totally hard for my bridal table. Another fun fact, the majority of fresh flowers used were dyed naturally to achieve that beautiful blue purplish hue you see in the photos!

Explore in more detail of the bridal table! This table has a mirror exterior which enhanced the beauty of the flower arrangements. At the same time, it also enabled us to appraise the flowers more! If you notice, BTV often use this type of table for a reception, as it contributes much elegance to the whole look.

The combination of SeMeja's signature Aqua set with gold flatware, made it even more stunning! BTV then topped it off with unique menu design from House of Papeterie where you can slide the menu to see the different contents.

Similar to the bridal table, BTV played with various shades of blues for the centrepieces & transparent ornaments to match with the chairs. This look was then completed with mirror acrylic table numbers from House of Papeterie 😍

Since the mix of pleats ornaments and draping flowers arrangements have contributed quite a heavy feels to the whole look, this cake was specially made to balance out the whole ambiance without getting outshined.

To top it off, a blue thin wire was added to add a contemporary touch to the cake. No wonder this cake by Sweetsalt successfully made the guests turn their heads! So gorgeous🤩

A little story time here.. Even though it was a pandemic wedding and there was a no dine-in rule, the moment I walked inside the room, I saw so many happy faces of my closest friends and families waiting to celebrate with me.. Seeing that sight, I am so glad I chose to keep the celebration (with proper health precautions, of course) instead of cancelling the event.

In the last few weeks of uncertain times, I'd like to dedicate this post to my wonderful sisters at BTV, who has provided me with so much support, being constant curhat (re:heart to heart) partners, and inspiration throughout my wedding planning.

Honestly being the control freak that I am, I didn't really control too much of my wedding, left it in the hands of BTV, and voila, I'm definitely one happy bride on that day!

Finally, a major thank you to all the vendors involved, for the great teamwork & amazing results 💙


Wedding Organizer - @maestroweddingorganizer

Wedding Conceptor & Stylist - @behind.thevows

Ceremony Decoration -

Reception Decoration - @wonderworks.idn

Lighting - @lumens_indo

Photo & Video -

Candid Photo -

Entertainment - @overjoyentertainment

Invitation - @ruangduarana

Calligraphy -

Stationery - @houseofpapeterie

Tableware - @se.meja


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