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Pink Galore for Willy & Nathasya's Intimate Luncheon

Intimate luncheon for wedding reception? Definitely YES! Throwback to this beautiful lunch reception of Willy & Nathasya. Being there every step of the way during their pandemic wedding planning, and despite multiple venue changes, we're so glad their big day finally happened!

Nat here is a big fan of orchids, and we created this pink orchid galore for her once in a lifetime event.

Of course starting this pink dominated post with a details post, filled with intricate little details...

Invitation suite by @parlerstudio featured elements of laser cut and orchid details. We love the cut out of the front envelope which allows the receiver to peek into the inside, a beautiful orchid illustration in vellum paper, before revealing the main invitation board. Subtle gold foiling and orchid illustration were added to include the bride’s favourite details.

Another one essential to our styling were the ring box from @lovelours , the couple customised their wedding monogram embroidered into the ring box. Definitely a wonderful keepsake of this special day.

Other details include classic bridal shoes from @jimmychoo and the bride’s favourite perfume from @jomalonelondon to wear on her big day💕

Supporting papeteries by @houseofpapeterie included this Holy Matrimony book which was designed to mimic the main invitation by featuring some elements of laser cutting detail. Menu and table number to match the decor vibes were also customised to the wedding theme.

When in doubt, go for acrylic table numbers as it will definitely spice up your table detail!

Nathasya’s morning prep robe customised specially for her by @hiantjen. Being a fan of lace material, surely lace must be incorporated in the morning robe. It features delicate lace details with see thru material for the body. Such an alluring attire to be worn during makeup and most importantly for the beauty shoot!

Completed with a long veil and natural makeup from @tirzavania , our bride looked stunning!

Moving on to the Holy Matrimony dress, again our bride was dressed in this Hian Tjen beauty. With thousands of intricate beadings in a peplum lace top, completed with this straight satin bottom, she looked regal and ready for the wedding blessing.

Another thing we loved was the bride’s eagerness to explore the bright fuchsia shades! For her bridesmaids, they had on custom designs from @soecah_bridesmaid featuring fuchsia dresses with a see thru cape for the holy matrimony look.

Instead of going for boxes, she gifted both her bridesmaids @dior earrings with their initials as a reminder of this day. Major love at the thoughtfulness of our bride!

Onto their church decoration, Will & Nat gave us the freedom to use colours in the decoration, resulting in this stunning beauty..

This church decor really captivated our hearts! Usually our brides opt for white, but as we mentioned previously, explosion of colours were all around this wedding!

We constructed a different colour scheme for holy matrimony and reception, with holy matrimony featuring oranges on top of a fuchsia palette.

The long aisle were decorated with clusters of vibrant colours, leading up to the altar table which was equally vibrant as well.

To create dimension, standing flowers of different heights were added to the front part of the church so that it would look beautiful upon first impression.

We love having the freedom to create bright shades inside the church💕✨

After that beautiful ceremony, its time for their intimate lunch reception, where Nat did another outfit change!

For her reception look, the earlier peplum top was removed to reveal this satin tube top that went perfectly with the draping dress. Additional tail was added to the H line skirt for a more grandeur look.

Customised for her wedding, @epajewel also did this oversized flower headpiece to add more drama. Complemented with the straight ponytail, we’re just so in love with this look!

Beautiful bouquet by Aisle Project, also the one executing the dreamy decoration!

The lunch reception took place at @jumanabaliungasan cliffside, providing fully air conditioned vibe with a stunning view!

As most restaurants have its decor limitations, we played around with that the venue already has to enhance this place.

Jumana had plenty of white pillars and we took that into account by decorating some of the white pillars with full floral arrangements.

The guest tables were fully covered in mirror surface creating that glamorous look when the guest sat in the table. The table centrepiece featured clusters of pink and fuchsia blooms arranged dynamically all along the table. Golden pink and white chairs were chosen to reflect modernity in the venue.

All tables had crystal tableware to create that luxurious vibe for each of W&N’s guests, and the menu book from @houseofpapeterie were placed to create that finishing touch.

The guests enjoyed the cliff ocean view while soaking in this beautiful decor atmosphere, what a beautiful intimate setting for their wedding💕

Our most favourite piece from the wedding was this S shaped bridal table which was customised specially for W&N! This long S shaped table fit 10 persons and created much more flow in the decoration. A narrow centrepiece and tapered candles were placed in the middle with matching golden, pink, and crystal tableware. As the table was already all white, pink donut chairs were chosen to enhance the bridal table. We’ll let the pictures speak for itself..

For the bridal area, we wanted to build a small focus around the table, hence the idea of building a small floral backdrop.

Play on white metal structure were used and then a full floral decoration was filled inside the arch structure. This multi function small backdrop was also used as a photo spot, and framed the bridal area nicely.

More details from the wedding included this maroon wedding cake with an orchid drape.

Thank you Willy & Nathasya for letting us explore with so much colour, we had a wonderful time styling your vibrant event.

We wish you guys a lifetime of love and laughter 💕💕


Together with them, we made their wedding dreams came true:

Wedding Conceptor & Stylist - @behind.thevows

Wedding Organiser - @lvcncmanagement

Holy Matrimony Dress - @hiantjen

Reception Dress - @hiantjen

Bridal Robe - @hiantjen

Bridesmaid Dress - @soecah_bridesmaid

Stationery - @houseofpapeterie

Invitation - @parlerstudio


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