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Old-Town Shanghai for Henry and Lupita's Wedding

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Throwback to earlier this year, we got the chance to style a wedding in Magelang, one magical city in Indonesia. Our couple came to us with a challenge, one concept that would be approved by their parents. We thought, why not bring up a concept, we know Chinese parents would love? Hence Old Shanghai was born. We always love being thematical and going extra for an event, so we were ecstatic when the concept was approved. Enough intros, a picture speaks a thousand words, so we invite you to enjoy this wedding in pictures.

First off, we start with detail styling for our couple.

We wanted to bring bold, vibrant colours to the wedding, keeping in line with the theme. Mixing bright shades of turquoise, fuchsia, oranges and blues, this unique blend of palette was created!

Printed invitation suite by Pemberley Paperie featured a modern Chinese design. The envelope was designed to be an door-style, and when open revealed all the content and pop of colours within.

Gold, blue, and white foiling finished the invitation suite, with elements of laser cut detail and glossy UV inside the envelope flaps. Simply loved this stunning set!

For their Old Shanghai, we suggested having a calligraphy suite as well to better capture the small details, featuring this bespoke suite by Handwritten by Lee.

Check out the hand drawn floral patterns and embellishments, as well as the beautiful temple illustration where our couple will be holding their Blessing ceremony in. Elements of Old Chinese wedding were clearly seen in this suite, making for a wonderful memory of their special day.

Moving on to other stationary styling, we engaged House of Papeterie for the bridal table menu and place cards, keeping the overall design thematic but with an elegant design.

Other details that make up this beautiful day..

After details styling, we move on to the bride's beauty shoot session.

Beautiful and intricate details from Stella Lunardy's Qipao, featuring a beaded draping back detail, with full embroidery all over the dress.

Spot the two peacocks on the tail of the dress, a grand detail to an already stunning dress..

To compliment the grand and bright exterior of the temple, mounds of pink and red florals were placed on the stairs leading up to the entrance of the temple. Multiple cages were placed around for an additional decor touch.

Simple Teapai ceremony setup for H & L. We wanted the backdrop to blend in with the room, so it was designed as if it was a decor cabinet, filled with Chinese props and completed with lush red florals.

Time to reveal the decor, our very own Old Shanghai rendition.

Working together with Steve Decor, we brought our concept to reality..

Starting off with the foyer, we wanted to replicate the streets of bustling Chinese markets.

The sides of the foyer were lined up with various shopfronts selling knick knacks, and the streets were lit up with round street lamps with draping fairy lights in the ceiling.

To create more contrast with the decor, the flooring and ceiling were all in black fabric, allowing the multiple decor colors to pop.

Entering the ballroom, the first decor element is the bridal table. The placement of the bridal table opposite of the main stage is a common practice, so that the couple and parents can enjoy the entertainment provided in the main stage.

The idea was the bridal table would be placed in front of a shelf of sorts, where they would be multiple Chinese decor and props. Our couple also brought some of their personal items to display, including this bus model from their businesses.

The bridal table was a white C shaped table filled with lush florals. Gold chairs were chosen to give it that homely look.

Table arrangement at the bridal table got us going OOH. Chinese themed tableware from Steve Decor and paired with House of Papeterie stationary design, complimented the entire decor nicely.

Mini photo corners or lounges were also set near the bridal table, so close families could come over to snap pictures. We are simply loving the amount of Chinese elements in this wedding!

Splashes of colour were everywhere in the guest table settings and the abundance of figurines and vases all contributed to the Old Shanghai vibe.

The pathway aisle to the stage was covered in a subtle Chinese tiled pattern, where the ceiling were filled with draping florals and lanterns. Take a look at the lanterns, where we requested the mix of two different styles.. One long cylinder with printed florals, and another the traditional red lanterns. A grand pathway leading up to the main stage.

The main stage was designed to look like a living room, with multiple Chinese door panels and cut outs to fill the entire wall. Use of wooden traditional sofas also helped build up the ambience.

Keeping the cake design simpler, the cake's body was a off white colour with hand drawn florals, and finished with a Chinese roof on the top of the cake. Cake design and execution by Yani Cake.

Bringing this wedding series to an end..

Congratulations Henry & Lupita on a beautiful wedding. Old Shanghai will always be in minds for thematic weddings!


Together with them, we made their wedding dreams came true:

Wedding Conceptor & Stylist - @behind.thevows

Wedding Organiser - @topeng_eo @joycetopeng_eo

Photo & Video - @redyadhytama

Decor - @steve_decor

Lighting - @syncpro

Cake - @yani_cake

Stationery - @houseofpapeterie


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