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Modern Botanicals for Ferdinand & Jaclyn's Wedding

From the wedding archives of Ferdinand and Jaclyn, brings us back to their absolutely dreamy rustic wedding held surrounded by greeneries and natural landscapes.

Adopting the theme Modern Botanicals, we played with neutral hues of whites and greens, and along with hints of peach, bringing a twist to an otherwise classic palette..

Having postponed their wedding twice, we were so happy to see everything come to life.. Say no more, let's start on the wedding journey of Ferdinand and Jaclyn.

Starting their wedding posts with a bespoke calligraphy suite from Claudia Rachel. This one features beautiful olive handmade papers with delicate calligraphy alongside a white tulips illustration - our bride’s favourite flower! - We love it when our couples choose to incorporate personal details into their calligraphy!

For this styling session, we were going for modern mixed with classic, choosing to pair the suite with minimal flowers and playing with vines instead, and we can say we absolutely loved the end results; beautifully photographed by Reynaldo from Derai Studio.

Their wedding was held in an outdoor venue, at the Royal Tulip Resort. With an endless view of green golf courses, and of course the bridal suite came equipped with a view of the green mountains… Naturally, we had Jaclyn pose here for her morning preparation session.

She wore a stunning two pieces robe with a sequinned see through outer with feather detail on the sleeves and lower part of the robe, making her look so dreamy! Another twist was, her bottoms were actually fitted pants!

Initially this robe was made to be multifunctional, a gorgeous ethereal piece for the morning prep, and when you remove the outer layer, it shows a modern and chic two piece, ready for the couple’s afterparty! Special mention to designer Verena Mia for realising this idea😍

Alongside a long and fluffy tulle veil, a classic up do, and brushed by Tirza Vania , Jaclyn emitted a glowing aura as the most beautiful bride of the day!

For her Holy Matrimony look, Jaclyn decided to go the very classic bridal look, also by Verena Mia.

This all satin dress features a classic round neckline, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn, but still having an element of surprise with a plunging low back, and completed with satin gloves for extra drama and flair..

How we loved this timeless look 😍

For her bouquet, we chose a baby breath bouquet mix with white individual phalaenopsis orchids. Resulting in a very dreamy and pure kind of look! Definitely going for this timeless bride style..

To celebrate her girls and this special occasion, Jaclyn customised her bridesmaids' gifts to be a reusable tote bag, filled with several goodies inside.

Spot closely the customised beautiful hangtags in each bag, all exclusively provided by House of Papeteries. Rest assured with BTV, the details all get taken care of.

Accompanying each bridesmaid were baby breath bouquets by Rosy Posy Florist, for the dreamy look Jaclyn loved..

Back to her beauty shoot with her ladies, love how happy everyone is!

All three bridesmaids' were dressed in an all white satin dress by Cloth Inc.

Meanwhile in the groom suite, the groomsmen and the groom suiting up to fetch the bride!

Anxiously waiting for the first meeting...

Onto the Holy Matrimony ceremony...

Taking into account the couple’s love for simple designs, we made this concept of white square wedding arch for them. Using the natural mountain views as a picture, the white structure acted as a frame to the beautiful scenery!

Beautified with draping greeneries and completed with a lush white aisle, we also used wooden cross back chairs to enhance the beauty of the venue.

Zoom in to their altar table, the use of the acrylic altar table filled with full flower arrangements really took our breaths away. Spot the draping Phalaenopsis orchids, the pop up ranunculus blooms. Ah we’re in love with the decor, beautifully created by Levine Decor!

Alongside other stationery, we engaged House of Papeterie to create this set for Holy Matrimony book and menu for F&J’s big day. We wanted modern fonts with modern design and they provided that beautifully..

A close up look on the Holy Matrimony booklet, we absolutely loved this piece as the design was modern, without being too minimalist, and of course the contents of the booklet were instantly beautified too! We absolutely suggest creating custom booklets for your blessing event, it adds such a great personal detail to your very intimate ceremony.

Some beauty sessions before moving on the the reception party..

Moving on the second part of the reception!

This time, Jaclyn wore a flowy A line gown. More details about this dress, the outer layer was made from white tulle, but the inner part was lace, which was arranged so that every time Jaclyn took a step, the lace and her shoes would show! Kind of like a middle slit for the tulle part.

The upper part of the bodice was from pleated tulle set in a V neck design. Loving how this V neck design always compliments.. Shoutout to Verena Mia for these two beautiful dresses portraying our bride’s personalities in a different way; feminine, elegant, dreamy, and modern all together!

This stunning piece was truly lightweight allowing our bride to party and move freely all night long..

To match this new dress, her up do differed from the first, with this being a higher up do so it could house this delicate hairpiece by Phoebe JKT was inspired by twirly vines, curved around the hair, absolutely perfect for their garden reception!

You can’t walk down the aisle without your prettiest shoes, right?

This beauty here is by Esmee Official, featuring an all lace body, with ankle straps for a more secure fit, ensuring you can run, dance all night long! Spot the dreamy ribbon behind her heels, giving a little peek-a-boo of the shoes.

Some snippets of her second beauty shoot!

Our favourite segment, the decoration part..

To start, guests were greeted with this ultra cute souvenir cabinet featuring little succulents for wedding favours!

Their guests received a little pot of live succulents to care for. Keeping in line their wedding theme of Modern Botanicals, this thoughtful souvenir definitely adds a unique element to their wedding 🤩

The long awaited decoration, something we’re so excited to share! From the very beginning Jac & Fer knew they wanted to play with green. We were aiming for rustic but not too much mess! Proud to present this final look, Modern Botanicals.

Starting with the bridal area, we chose not to build a backdrop for them as it would block the view of the all green landscape. Together with Levine Decor we came up with this large hanging installation hovering over the entire bridal table. Filled with a variety of greeneries draping orchids, this installation hangs beautifully and became the focal point of the decoration.

For the bridal area, all wooden tables and wooden cross back chairs were used to further enhance the rustic theme. Of course we couldn’t forget the lush flowers used to fill up the front of the bridal table. Placed in front of their table, were the aisle flower arrangements from the Holy Matrimony. We’re definitely a fan of multi functional decor items, and this just adds a finished look to the entire design.

As the reception was held outdoors, we had a lot of empty space in the ceilings, hence we also chose to style the table centrepieces with high arrangements for more dimension.

Close up on the table papeteries, House of Papeterie specially created this beautiful menu for all the guests.

For the menu, HOP created two separate designs for them, one for the guests and one exclusively for the couple. For the guests, it was a two sided menu finished with a single stem of greenery, while for the couple, it featured multiple folds and black strings, such details we love!

For the wedding cake, we chose a white base and adorned with greenery illustrations around the cake, then topped it off with Cymbidium orchids. We wanted the wedding cake to be something timeless fit for F&J’s theme, and Ame Cakery did it beautifully!

Keeping in mind the overall look, we decided on using hexagon shapes for each tier, and bringing a unique element to the overall cake shape.

As the reception was held twice, once for lunch reception, and another for dinner, our couple wanted to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Jaclyn wanted draping fairy lights all over the tent. When evening came, the thousands of lights lit up, creating a wonderful ambience for their party, such a perfect end to their wedding.

To Ferdinand & Jaclyn, we wish you all a lifetime of love and happiness!


Together with them, we made their wedding dreams came true:

Wedding Conceptor & Stylist - @behind.thevows

Decoration - @levinedecor

Makeup - @tirzavania

Gown - @verenamia

Hairpiece - @phoebejkt

Cake - @amecakery

Hand Sanitizer - @dia.botanica

Invitation & Papeteries - @houseofpapeterie

Calligraphy - @claudiaarachel


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