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Jewel Opulence for Seno & Tari's Wedding

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Ruby reds, emeralds, and sapphires for our eccentric couple! Seno & Tari first came to us with a unique theme in mind, they wanted a Mafia theme wedding with slight Chinese elements as well, and to us that could only interpret to one thing, luxurious and glam wedding, hence the theme Jewel Opulence was born.

Inspired by shades of jewels, we showcased this palette of ruby reds, sapphire blues, and emerald greens, such a mysterious and elegant color combination. Ruby red was chosen as one of the dominating color to represent part of the Chinese culture our couple wanted.

See how we styled Jewel Opulence wedding for Seno & Tari's special day!

First and foremost, the calligraphy set flat lay from Claudia Rachel set the tone nicely, with gold ink used to achieve a luxurious look.. Plenty of gold flakes and Gingko leaves were also incorporated into the invite. Simply loved how this combination turned out, with the striking dyed tulips as well creating this Jewel Opulence.

Besides their keepsake, you’ll see the invitations for all their guests! Luxurious velvet were used as the material for the main hardboard, creating an elegant look and feel. To further portray their theme of luxurious glam, gold foiling was used in almost every single word, bling in every angle! 😍❤️

Not forgetting other beautiful details that make up the day, Holy Matrimony books by House of Papeteries, designed with lots of Gingko leaves elements, complimenting their main invitations.

Moving on to the morning beauty shoot.. Look at our bride in her edgy robe!

Did you know we decided on this robe only days before the wedding? Matching our bride's bold personality, we suggested this all black satin morning robe from Etiquette White for our bride’s preparation.

This long sleeved robe features detail of lace on the midriff area, along with a sexy V neckline, creating that mysterious look we wanted for Tari, perfect for brides wanting that out of the box look! Brushed by makeup artist Vidi Daniel, dearest Tari looked stunning for her special day😍

More about the dresses! Tari’s morning dress was specially designed by Yogie Pratama. We wanted a pure and classic look for the Holy Matrimony, hence this design was created. The long shoulder capes with the material chosen were inspired by the Virgin Mary look, which were added for that dramatic flair. While for the wide V neckline, the designer used mainly heavy fabric to create a downward drape.

Our bride looking very regal, resulting in these beautiful, mysterious shots by Terralogical and Leura team..

Tari with her bridal entourage, all dressed beautifully in dark navy, and holding the perfect red floral accessory from Via Fleurs.

Our groom wore a beautiful maroon suit, fit for the theme, and even matching with the bride's bouquet! We always love when the groom is eager to explore new suit colors aside from the classics.

After the touching Holy Matrimony held in the couple's church, they returned back to the hotel for an intimate Tea Pai session.

Our bride retouched and changed into this dress just for the tea ceremony.

This custom made dress was in beige color with touch of red to match the color of the Tea Pai decoration. Adoring the sleeve part as it enhanced the Chinese traditional aura within herself! 🤩

Starting the decor series with their Tea Pai ceremony decor, it was a classic Chinese illustration panel in classic gold, and paired with an overflowing flower arrangement in dark red. Classic combination that never goes wrong!

Moving on to the reception look! Our bride and groom so dashing and mysterious, oozing the vibes of a Mafia inspired wedding. Her reception dress was simply stunning, also by Yogie Pratama. A little more about the dress, the top part is made of a raw corset to achieve the sexy look she wanted, combined with the sequined fabric for the utmost elegance! Last but not least, the slit for a more daring look, perfected with Malone Souliers wedding shoes. So dazzling🤩

As for our groom, we dressed him up with a classic black tuxedo, with a neck scarf as his tie, loving this entire setup, oozing mysterious mafia vibes.

Before moving on to the decor, here's another fun fact about our couple, they are complete opposites in terms of their decor preference! The groom loved Chinese elements, while the our bride was a major fan of European glam decor. Of course we tried to seamlessly blend both preferences!

We figured the best way to do this was by letting both have their own corner. For our groom, we came up with entrance gate that hung multiple Chinese pattern, which was realized nicely by Steve Decor!

This setup ensured that when the couple made their grand entrance, there would be a decor point that our groom loved..

Keeping the vibe all dark and mysterious, the aisle was covered in black melamine flooring, with black chandeliers hanging throughout their walk! Such a beautiful pathway to the main stage.

Before we discuss more about the main stage, take a look at the different table centerpieces that decorated the guest tables!

For our bride's love for glam! We wanted drama, flair, luxurious vibes, and that meant lots of theatrical props! Fully sequined tablecloths, fluffy colored feathers, acrylic candelabras all graced the dinner table of this banquet. Definitely went all out for this dinner setup..

Elegantly designed emerald table numbers by House of Papeteries to adorn all the guest tables.

Pro Tip: Do invest in table stationery, ensuring everything matches according to your wedding concept!

Next stunner up is the wedding cake! Inspired by the mixture of two different themes, Ivoire Cake Design create this stunning centerpiece of the stage. The most bottom layer was a hexagonal Chinese patterned base, with the upper layers all round and in a gradient of blue and reflective gold.

Bright red poppies were strewn all over the cake, with some being hand painted, and some made realistically. Green gingko leaves were places over the navy base, creating a contrast between the two colors. The finishing touch, an emerald green long tassel placed in the topmost layer✨

On the stage you’ll see the folding black and gold partition, which frames the centerstage. Left and right of the partition, you’ll see mirror shelving paired with deep red florals which framed the entire backdrop nicely, mimicking the look of a mafia boss' grand living room.

We wanted the theme to give off this dark mysterious vibe, and we couldn’t have pulled it off without lighting support from Et Cetera Lighting.

Zoom closer to the bridal table and you’ll spot this curved C shaped table made especially for two, paired with lots of draping florals and feathers, this table oozed glam and sophisticated vibes.

Beautiful tableware from SeMeja also graced the bridal table.. These black and gold plates, paired with maroon velvet napkins definitely made a bold statement.

Furthermore, some more decor that were placed in the foyer to ensure glam vibes before entering the ballroom.

The beautiful photo spot definitely earned a place as thematic yet elegant backdrop. Many guests were seen snapping a pic with the backdrop, to experience the elegant mafia's living room that we wanted to showcase.

Before wrapping up, let's get more shots of our couple!

Here's wishing you guys a lifetime of eternal happiness, it was a wonderful thematic journey with you guys, challenging with both different preferences, and our hearts couldn't be happier when everything went according to plan.

What a wonderful start of 2022 weddings, and more beautiful events to come!


Together with these vendors, we made their wedding dreams came true:

Wedding Conceptor & Stylist - @behind.thevows

Calligraphy - @claudiaarachel

Morning Robe - @etiquette_white

Decor - @steve_decor

Lighting - @etceteralighting

Bouquet - @via.fleurs

Photo - @terralogical

Video - @leurafilm


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