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Jason and Joana's Lively Flowers Wedding

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

We are always excited for an out of town wedding—and for Jason and Joana it was no exception. Their wedding took place amidst the beautiful mountain view located in Malang, East Java. Well, without further ado let’s jump into the details of the day!

One of the staples of our services is the Styling on the Day, where we style items that make up the wedding details. We realised how particularly our signature invitation flatlay has become everybody’s favourite part. Hence, we present to you two types of invitations: beginning with the classic and modern invitation by @papeworks .

It incorporated Toile de Jouy pattern as a little twist, and we love how it gave a subtle statement.

They also made customised Vow Books based on the same pattern and colour palette as the invites.

The second part of this invitation series is the keepsake suite by @handwrittenbylee. Totally adore the fact that it matches the main invitation, but in a completely different design and look at the same time! By the way, there is a hint of the wedding theme embedded in the illustration. Isn't it just lovely?

Of course we won’t be forgetting the other important parts of our flatlay styling. Here’s a few peeks at the bride’s personal items, along with the couple's customised velvet ring bearer and ring boxes.

We are definitely firm believers of how wedding stationeries could complement the whole event and take it to another level! Can't get over these ones made by @houseofpapeterie .

The muted illustrations, and the seemingly 'hand drawn' details made it feel homey and casual while the colour palette brought out the elegance of it all.

Remember the Toile de Jouy pattern featured in the invitations and vow books? Well, we also styled the souvenir box to match. It gave the box a vintage touch while still feeling minimalistic and modern.

On to the next part of our styling shoot, the bride's morning preparation robe. To match the warm tones of the wedding, we opted with an unusual colour for the bride's robe. Instead of the typical white robe, Joana looked so radiant in this two piece robe consisting of muted sage green outer with a beige colored camisole.

Loving how it also matched the bride's skin tone nicely… Perfected with @sisymakeupartist’s magic hand, our bride looked as glowing as ever!

Along with the bride, her bridesmaids also got customised robes in rust orange shade. The cut was styled to a short 'shift' robes keeping it light and airy. Look how cute this intimate moment between the bridal party is!

The star of the day: the Wedding Dress! Sparkly one shoulder cut was used for Joana's Holy Matrimony. Pay a closer attention to the dress, and you'll spot how @hiantjen amazingly did the beading details. The one shoulder long sleeve top added an alluring sensation to the dress, completed with the asymmetrical fringe detail for that instant elevation!

Another detail not to miss is the draping earrings by @noma_id ! It was like an icing on the cake to wrap our bride's glowy glittery morning look!

Here is a glimpse of the colorful garden themed bouquet for the bridesmaids! Adoring the color combination of green, blue, with a touch of coral - wonderfully arranged by @madelaineflower just like how we wanted. Scroll on to see how it pairs with their bridesmaids attire.

Speaking of the bridesmaid attire, don't you agree that its just the perfect shade of orange for J&J's wedding? Vibrant, but not too much. Thanks to @se.ta.ra for finding the right orange color! The bride was also thoughtful enough to create a custom pair of shoes for the bridesmaids in the emerald green shade we love.. Such a perfect pair to complement an elegant outdoor wedding like this.

As for the groom, we suggested for him to wear a beige colored suit to match the overall garden vibes of the venue and also to make him stand out amongst the warm color palette of the wedding.

Taking place at Amarta Hills, the venue is facilitated with a really nice chapel! Instead of starting the grand entrance procession right in front of the chapel, we suggested to extend the aisle to the outdoor area, allowing our bride to have a longer procession when walking down the aisle!

One of the showstoppers from this wedding is definitely the colour palette chosen--a combination that not many couple would dare to have. However, it turns out to be our couple’s favourite! Vibrant arches were built to greet the guests as they enter the ceremony area.

Not stopping there, we added some twist for the aisle by putting some flower arrangements encased in glass which were placed on pedestals along the walkway.

To enhance the natural light shining through wide windows of the chapel, four giant arches were built mimicking the shape of the entrance. This kind of shape is such a classic option for an altar--a nice pair to the vibrant colors.

All acrylic furnitures were incorporated to match the glasshouse chapel, which simultaneously balance out the color bursting decoration. Love how the acrylic altar table made it look like the vibrant flower arrangements are floating!

For the reception party, the long sleeve of the wedding dress was detached in order to get a more sleek look. To achieve a look that will make people fall head over heels, you don’t always have to wear a complicated dress. With the right mix of accessories, hairstyle, and then combining it with a classic tube mermaid dress like this, trust us your guests won’t stop staring at you! Always a big fan of simple yet polished look like this.

Joana initially wanted to have a garden wedding overlooking the mountains for her reception. However the weather did not support our initial plan, so we needed to shift our plan and moved it to the indoor space. Fortunately, we can always transform anything--like this one!

The reception is where our concept of Flower Market really shines through! Starting with the seating chart, which was inspired by storefront windows of flower shops you'd typically find strolling along the streets of Italy. Spot the various flower pots and carts around the area!

Inside the venue, we covered the whole area with green carpet to create a stronger garden vibe. Even the existing pillars from the building was modified into a large greeneries centerpiece.

Green & teal tablecloth was picked based on the color palette to enhance the garden feels we desired and then balancing it out with vibrant flower arrangements!

All executed beautifully by @steve_decor !

Presenting you the lush vibrant colours of the bridal table, specially made for our couple. You’ll see a closer look of the tablescape, showcasing the pretty set up by @se.meja & @houseofpapeterie.

We simply adore the whole set up of the Bridal Stage! The lush and vibrant florals? check. The storefront windows inspired backdrop? Also check. It feels as though we stumbled upon a hidden flower market while strolling through a garden.

As for the cake we opted with sweet and delicate flower detailing, while giving it a modern twist with textured fondant and again, vibrant colours!

Thank you Jason & Joana for the exciting project and especially for the great hospitality in Malang! Surely a pleasant weekend to remember 🤍



Wedding Stylist - @behind.thevows

Invitation & Stationery - @houseofpapeterie

Calligraphy - @handwrittenbylee

Souvenir - @pandangan.pertama

Dress - @hiantjen

Earrings - @noma_id

Bridesmaids Dress - @se.ta.ra

Bridesmaids Bouquet - @madelaineflower

Venue - @amartahills

Decoration - @steve_decor

Tableware - @se.meja

Photo - @iluminen


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