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In Bloom Garden for Adsel and Jennifer's Wedding

It has always been the dream of our blooming couple, Adsel and Jennifer, to have a wedding reception outdoors. Even though they ended up choosing a modern-classic venue, @langham_jakarta , this did not close the door on us to help them make their dream wedding a reality. After all, you can always bring the garden inside! (Well, maybe not always, but for their case, we did!).

We opted for a garden in full bloom as their wedding theme, which we felt would give the marble ballroom an outdoorsy vibe. Filled with whimsical greenery and flowers, not to mention special seating areas, one is sure to fall in love with the setting and the details of garden weddings that are incredibly whimsical and romantic.

But, before we show you the whole picture, hold your roses while we show you their wedding details. First off, the calligraphy keepsake. Made by the exceptionally talented @handwrittenbylee , it features their signature water colour illustration and the wedding’s dreamy colours.

The wedding invitation suite was also in full display, @parlerstudio succeeded at achieving the quintessential garden theme featuring illustrated mixed flowers, rustic twines, and gorgeous textures. Following suit are the stationeries designed by @HouseofPapeterie. We simply love how they complemented each other within the theme!

One of the main reasons we adore being in the creative industry is the limitless ideas we can explore with introducing a unique way of styling the wedding details. Instead of the usual flatlay styling that you may have often seen here, styling with props certainly adds character to the objects, making them come alive.

With all the little details covered, we will now focus your attention to the bride herself—as we should. Jennifer looked stunning during her morning beauty shoot session! Our bride’s fabulous personal style is apparent in her choice of the alluring feather-sleeved robe. Surrounded by all white floral installation of poofy hydrangeas and baby’s breath. Transforming the seating area of the bridal suite into a white playground, the elegant setting allowed for Jen to shine.

A vision fit for royal daydreams, the bride changed into an opulent baroque lace gown unique to @sebastiangunawanofficial, and hairpiece by @rinaldyyunardi. Lacing detail was showcased in the top half of the dress, and on the royal-length veil.

Perfect balance to the exquisite gown was the subtly beautiful lily-of-the-valley flowers, in which @florebastille had gathered exactly 100 springs for the bouquet. Love how the beauty shots turned out, as wonderfully captured by @tonnyvalenzio.

Jennie’s dearest bridesmaids were dressed to the nines in @soecah_bridesmaid’s floral speckled dresses. Can’t stop admiring how the flowy material suits the overall garden theme of the wedding so perfectly!

For the bridesmaid favors, trust @onemomentofficial to pull off the customized leather gift box. Remaining on theme, the boxes were shaped in a flower, mimicking the flower shape on the invitation.

Arches have long been used to enhance ceremony spaces, and are no wonder a crowd favorite as they make for such gorgeous focal points for the vow exchange.

For Adsel and Jen’s Holy Matrimony, we created multiple arches with white and blush as its predominant shades, matching the floral set ups along the church pews. Clean and romantic, these statement pieces certainly make for a stunning backdrop for photos too!

For the reception, our bride changed into another version of her morning look. This time she donned a figure-hugging silhouette and sported a draping bouquet. Perfectly matching the whimsical garden concept!

Taking you through the full view of the reception area that we transformed into a romantic spring garden with @steve_decor. Kicking things off with the welcome sign in the entrance hall.

Enter the foyer area transfigured into a vertical garden of lush, romantic florals, exuding an easy elegance. Every wall panel in the entrance was filled with floor to ceiling blooms, making each spot an aesthetic photo opportunity

Greeting guests upon entry to the ballroom were lush floral arches in full regalia. What's special about these arches is that they overlapped each other and are connected to some guest tables. A stunning visual and focal point for all!

Giving you a closer look at the guest tables' details… we customized a curvy table to be placed in the middle of the ballroom, surrounded by the guests’ round tables.

Wanting to add more dimension to the area, we mixed low and high candelabras and floral installations between tables. Another highlight in the area is the unique chairs with its round knobs, a lowkey detail but certainly adds character to the overall space.

Highlighting the stationery details on the bridal table, with the flower & leaves shaped menu, complemented with a pink acrylic made name place card. Special shoutout to @somethingborrowed.jkt who completed the bridal table arrangement with their new Infinity chair. Constructed from a smoothly polished gold material, this chair is a definite must for those of you who’d like to achieve a luxurious wedding look!

Displaying the 5-tiered wedding cake by @lenovellecake in all its glory! A beauty with its abstract sugar adornments and peeking flowers, that manages to look grand yet still maintaining that airiness.

Thank you Adsel and Jennifer for giving us the opportunity to style your wedding! It has been a pleasure being able to help make your dream wedding a reality. We hope it has been a memorable first page to the next chapter of your lives🤍



Wedding Stylist - @behind.thevows

Wedding Organiser - @twogather

Invitation - @parlerstudio

Stationery - @houseofpapeterie

Calligraphy - @handwrittenbylee

Ring Box - @lovelours

Morning Robe & Wedding Dress - @sebastiangunawanofficial

Hairpiece - @rinaldyyunardi

MUA - @donnyliem

Bride Bouquets - @florebastille

Bridesmaids Dresses - @soecah_bridesmaid

Bridesmaids Boxes - @onemomentofficial

Bridesmaids Bouquets & Bridal Room Decoration - @baletonflowerchef

Decoration - @steve_decor

Tableware - @se.meja

Bridal Table Chairs - @somethingborrowed.jkt

Lighting - @lumens_indo


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