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Garden of Pinks for Dominik & Astari's Wedding

From our very first meeting with the couple, Astari already told us she loved everything feminine and classic. Both of them have always been a neutral and calm hues enthusiast, so we had no doubt their wedding theme would portray elegance with an air of timeless classics.

Having downsized their guest list to only around 35 guests, our couple opted for a multi session reception, lunch for immediate family and dinner for their closest friends. Held in The Gerbera Room of The Mulia Jakarta, this was the perfect location for the intimate wedding of Dominik & Astari.

Without further ado, let us take you on the journey to see their beautiful reception, filled with laughter from all sides, and lovely company.

First things first, let us show you their wedding stationeries! This beautiful invitation keepsake by Claudia Rachel really takes our breath away! Crafted from handmade paper, with classic gold calligraphy lettering, and enhanced with fabric flowers by Yogie Pratama, we truly loved Astari's invitation styling. Not only being very aesthetically pleasing, this bespoke suite is yours to keep and a reminder of your beautiful wedding day..

For Astari's morning session, we worked together with Tiffany Liem to create this stunning robe! Classic and feminine just like the bride likes it, the robe was made from tulle, with a special feature on the bat wing sleeves and V neck detail topped with 3D flower appliques.

What an ethereal look! 😍

Next up, the bride's gorgeous wedding dress from Yogie Pratama, a classic mermaid dress with glitter sequins. We’re so in love with the back details, polished with the flowing ruffles and these statement 3D organza flowers.

To match the look, we picked out a beautiful white flower clay hairpiece to compliment the entire outfit. How we think this look is romantic, and ever so classic!

Accompanying our bride, is her dearest best friends wearing this multi layered organza dress from Touch Up Online. We just can’t stop staring at those layers of organza, creating a festive look that successfully caught the eye of the guests the whole time!

The bridesmaids were then accessorised with these chrysanthemum bouquets from Khayalkini. Don’t you be deceived by its appearance! Not only does it look cute, this chrysanthemum pom flower is actually very long-lasting that it can stay throughout the day, perfect for those bridesmaids doing their duty from morning to evening! 👏🏻

Waiting for her groom, she delicately clutched onto his boutonniere, a simple white boutonniere with one focal flower, the ranunculus.

Moments before the long awaited Holy Matrimony session.. As all the events from blessing ceremony to reception were all held in one venue, we suggested to build one backdrop for all, thus being more cost efficient.

She carried a beautiful white chrysanthemum and ranunculus bouquet for the blessing ceremony, signifying purity and gentleness.

After the blessing ceremony, we had a short break where we could sneak in some beauty shoots! We're totally loving all the photos, all exclusively captured by Reynard Lingga from Antheia Photography.

One must have shot of the bridal party! Don't you just agree that they all looked stunning, complimenting the couple?

Moving on to the lunch reception, and here's where things get very aesthetically pleasing!

Before we get started, Astari switched up her morning bouquet with this mixed bouquet in pink hues for a grander entrance.

This stunning bouquet was made with very little greeneries, and focused more on the shades of pinks and whites. Spot the tulips, and the dangling phalaenopsis orchids, making for a very modern bouquet!

And now, we're thrilled to show you all the decor aspects of their big day!

Filled by tulips, orchids, and roses, the bridal stage felt like a floral paradise!

For the decor ornaments, we focused on everything silver, mirror and acrylic, which when put together created reflection and effects that can make the space feel roomier.

As their event was divided into 2 separate receptions, the lunch reception was held together with the family Tea Pai ceremony. Using an L shaped corner, Khayalkini created a multifunction backdrop which acted as a tea ceremony corner during noon, and a photo booth for the evening reception. Space saving, and acts as a beautiful decor element in the room!

Some more mesmerizing details from the reception of Dominik & Astari! Everything pink and dreamy was poured into this wedding, creating a romantic and gentle vibe.

Finally, the gorgeous wedding cake from Le Novelle! This stunning blush textured 3 tiered cake, topped with ruffles and sugar flowers, was so dreamy!

For you couples out there, a 3-tiered cake is just perfect if you're going to hold an intimate celebration in a room with low ceilings.

Once again, thank you Dominik & Astari for trusting us, we wish you both an everlasting marriage, filled with love and happiness!

Together with these fellow vendors, we're so happy to realise your wedding dreams:

Lighting @uplightpro

Make up @meicamakeup

Calligraphy @claudiaarachel


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