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Fuchsia Fans for Jeffrey & Cynthia's Wedding

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Throwback to this bold and beautiful colour palette from the wedding of Jeffrey & Cynthia! From the initial moments of our discussion, we knew we wanted to use bright colours for this wedding as the bride’s family wanted traditional elements infused into the wedding.

Taking this into consideration, we played with shades of fuchsia and purples, resulting in this stunning combination, and suggested a theme infusing modernity and traditionalism.

Thus, Fuchsia Fans was born, infusing fan elements and bright colours for this Chinese wedding, one loved by the couple and their parents alike.

Here we feature this beautiful block colour invitation by Ruang Dua Rana. This set had lots of chinese fan elements, as that was one of the main features of the wedding - more on that later! We absolutely loved the laser cut and gold foiling finishing you see on their invites here.

Calligraphy illustration of our couples’s beautiful love story ❤️

Other beautiful details of the day..

Of course, no wedding would be complete without the tiniest detail, the stationaries! This set made from House of Papeterie completed the details look.

Cynthia radiating her bridal beauty, with pleated robe from Hepburn.Co and brushed by Priscilla Myrna. Choosing to keep the morning robe simple, we suggested a heavy drape with flowy material, finished with a V neck cutting and pearl embellished buttons ✨ Her hair was kept sleek with an elegant updo, and completed with a long veil, definitely very classic, matching her personality!

Explaining more about Cynthia’s look here. For her morning look, she wore a classic tube wedding dress by Yogie Pratama, but with a twist! He cleverly mixed two elements into one dress, with the dress revealing a slit filled with glitter and flowers embellishments, transforming this dress.

Beauty shoot with Cynthia’s girl squad, all beautifully donned in a shade of dark pink. Here our bridesmaids were dressed by SeTaRa and bridesmaid bouquets by Three Bouquets accessorized their look. We requested mix shades of pink tulips and spot them peeking out of the bouquet!

Cynthia's bouquet by Via Fleurs absolutely shone. With a mix of delicate imported blooms, this stunning ranunculus and tulip dominated bouquet definitely stole the show.

We’ll go right into the reception decor for this one! The first element we wanted to bring for this wedding were shades of ombre, arrangement from light to dark shades.

From the foyer, guests were greeted with this photo spot, an ombre welcome to the reception ballroom.

Together with De Sketsa Decor, we achieved the mood for our couple. This photo spot ticked all the boxes, a white backdrop with white flooring, and flower arrangement with similar colours grouped in together, mimicking the ombre style we wanted.

Finished with their wedding logo in fuchsia, white lighting shone on the backdrop to create a more dramatic look✨

When our guests entered the venue, the first thing they’ll see were the long table arrangements! White long tables filled the sides of the aisle, with high gold wave structure as the centerpiece. Flowers ranging from shades of fuchsia pink and purples filled the wave structure, creating this unique decoration.

To enhance the mood, golden donut chairs were selected to decorate the tables.

Another unique aspect were the wall cover colours we selected for to enhance the ambience. The entire ballroom was covered in a shade of dusty pink and white fabric, making the area look clean but not too pale.

More on the bridal table, De Sketsa beautifully provided these pink velvet chairs, definitely one of the highlight of the bridal area. The surface of the table were covered in mirror surface, with lots of fuchsia florals covering the front view of the table. Absolutely head over heels with this setup! So dreamy, and fitting for the theme.

Showcasing the beautiful tableware from SeMeja , also decorating the bridal area.

The theme of pink, gold, and purple were definitely felt from the tableware.

White and pink showplates were chosen, with a fan shaped menu by House of Papeterie also beautifying the table. Fuchsia orchids were placed to create a sweet finishing touch to the overall look.

Finally the stage decoration! Remember when we said we wanted to keep the decor modern, but still keeping the traditional elements? Nailed it with this fan dominated stage design!

Over 500 pieces of premium paper were shaped into fans, and all hand placed onto the stage, creating a ombre and 3D effect for the fan element. Spot all our theme colours, all in the paper colours. Still amazed at all the handiwork that created this backdrop.

To keep the stage still minimalist, we wanted white panels to balance out all the colours on the stage. A transparent circular layer was installed in the middle to create shadows, and the ombre flower arrangements then filled the sides of the structure.

Lighting by Glowlight Pro definitely helped in enhancing the overall ambience, creating a soft glow for the fan area.

This 5 tiered beauty by Sweetsalt takes the cake! We requested ombre fan elements into the cake decoration, and our bride requested a dark ribbon to make the cake seem more flowy. Together this stunning cake decor was born😍

Thank you, Jeff & Cynthia! It has been a pleasure all the way!



Wedding Stylist - @behind.thevows

Wedding Organizer - @maestroweddingorganizer

Invitation - @ruangduarana

Stationery - @houseofpapeterie

Ring Box - @lovelours

Morning Robe -

Wedding Dress - @mryogiepratama

Bride Bouquet - @via.fleurs

Bridesmaids Dresses - @se.ta.ra

Bridesmaids Bouquets - @threebouquets

Tableware - @se.meja

Lighting - @glowlightpro


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