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Ethereal Floating Garden for Ivan and Karina's Wedding

Beautiful ethereal Bali wedding you wouldn't want to miss! This time, we're focusing on something that never gets old.. We definitely went through a lot of emotions and winded down a long journey in the midst of a pandemic to ensure this wedding (and 2 other wedding related events we planned for the couple) live up to its best potential.

Through almost two years of planning, we truly admire how the bride, Karina, handled all the changes gracefully while still remaining positive and excited about every single detail, and it paid off! As Ivan and Karina finally tied the knot at one of the dreamiest of wedding venues, Bali's Khayangan Estate.

So without further ado, here’s the first photo from their Bali wedding series, wedding stationery details! The calligraphy reflected her colour palette with the dominance of white & neutral colours, and also a touch of blush and lilac. The colour selection was picked based on her sweet and calm personality! We simply adore this set by calligrapher, Truffypi.

Not only focusing on the invitation details, Karina also wanted a set of their beloved dogs illustrations, as they weren’t able to physically bring them along to the party. This lovely set was hand painted by Handwritten by Lee.

Tying it off with stationery designed by House of Papeterie. It included the little details of how the couple met and got together to let the guests in on the romance.

Speaking of things that will never get old, let’s take a look at the pleats and lace detail in the bride’s attire. Karina immediately fell in love when she first saw this Hian Tjen’s robe. Her love for pleats was also reflected on her wedding shoes, which has 400 handcrafted pleats on each pair of shoes.

Since Karina was having an outdoor wedding party, we particularly searched for a comfortable block heels that are also sophisticated enough to be worn for a wedding party! So glad when Karina agreed the moment we proposed this signature Loeffler Randall Camellia heels.

The bride’s holy matrimony dress was a beautiful creation by Yogie Pratama. It was made of a one shoulder white textured body and, our favourite part: the cape. If you take a closer look, you’ll be able to spot hundreds of handmade 3D lily-of-the-valley flowers appliquéd all over the cape. What an elegant and dreamy dress! Last but not least, a bouquet with touch of lily of the valley was chosen to complement the dress - so ethereal...

Of course, the morning preparation wouldn’t be complete without the wedding party. For the groom, groomsmen, and the bridesmaid, all neutral was opted to match the overall wedding's colour palette with the couple's personality - calm and effortless.

For the Holy Matrimony, we wanted the set up to be ‘light’ and effortless with all white flowers as it would be overlooking the Uluwatu cliff. After having a few brainstorming sessions with Karina, initially we planned to set up a floating installation as the unique feature. However, due to technical limitations, we decided to opt for a floating illusion instead. Thus, ‘Ethereal Floating Garden’ came to be as the perfect name for this wedding’s theme!

The flooring was made from mirror material to reflect the view from its surroundings, perfected by acrylic chairs to create the ‘light’ ambiance we desired. As for the focal point, the altar, we installed a floral umbrella with thin structure. The purpose is to make the umbrella appear floating if you look at it from certain angles! Such a lovely and dreamy set up, isn’t it? Thank you Precious Bali for realising our vision.

To make things interesting, we added more colours to the night event’s colour palette. Still keeping the whole ambience on a softer side, a touch of bold colours were also added to create more dimension and drama, something crucial in a wedding reception.

There are two unique decoration points on the reception. First is this bridal table we specially custom made for them. How could you not adore the transparent wave table filled with flowers underneath? The sophisticated colours and flower type combination created a breathtaking impact to the whole ambiance!

The second unique point is the all floating arrangement as the main backdrop. Uluwatu cliff is famous for its spectacular view which means we definitely have to showcase it to all of the guests! From here the idea to create a floating arrangement came up; instead of opting for the typical view-blocking backdrop. Hence, the 'light' ambience we incorporated into the Holy Matrimony was also brought along to the evening set up.

Not to be left out, the bride and groom also changed into new looks for the reception. Karina’s dress is again beautifully made by Yogie Pratama. There’s simply only one word for this dress: Extravagant! From the puff sleeves to the pattern of the dress, it was all the definition of a statement. The cascading sequins in a shape of diamond embellished all over the dress granted an astounding impression for the entire look! For the accessories, this diamond shaped earrings by EPA Bridal is just a match made in heaven - strongly elevated our bride's look to a whole new level. Paired with the groom's black tie attire, our couple was so ready for the reception party!

Congratulations to the happy couple, and thank you for letting us to be a part of your journey, Ivan and Karina! It was a pleasure wading through experiences with you, and look forward to the final wedding reception coming up!


Together with them, we made their wedding dreams came true:

Wedding Conceptor & Stylist - @behind.thevows

Wedding Organiser - @twogather

Calligraphy - @truffypi

Illustration - @handwrittenbylee

Stationery - @houseofpapeterie

Bridal Robe - @hiantjen

Wedding Dress - @mryogiepratama

Bridal Accessory - @epabridal

Decoration - @precious_bali


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