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Contemporary Museum Wedding for Samuel & Anna

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Throwing back to last year, when we got the chance to style this one of a kind wedding! It has been our dream to style a wedding in a museum, and this time, it was none other than the famed Museum Macan, where our beautiful couple tied their knot in front of their closest and dearest.

You may be thinking, how can you have an event in the Museum? Wonder no more, read on and see how we styled this close intimate wedding.

As usual to begin the wedding series, take a look at this beautiful invitation by Tanna by Sulla , specially designed and crafted for our couple.

We love the handmade watercolor detail, making the invitation look raw & personalised. From this flatlay shot, their adoration for something minimalist yet vibrant can be clearly seen - and this is actually what you'll expect for the upcoming shots💜💛

Another detail shot, customized wedding shoes from Cava Prive It features a pointed toe style with white satin material, finished with a crystal strap making the bride’s overall look more appealing..

Not only perfect for your wedding day, but classic looking shoes like this also allows you to use it again for attending other events, such as friends’ weddings and parties. What a catch!

We are so in love with the florals in this wedding, and this particular one by Saat Mekar, with hints of paint and gold glitter on the florals, something we don't usually see on bouquets!

Another floral we adore was the bridesmaid bouquet, with purple sprayed Anthuriums and fluffy filler florals by Catalea Studio, the perfect accessory for Anna's bridesmaids to tie everything up!

Snippets of our bride's morning preparation, you'll see Anna donned beautifully in her morning robe by Satoo by Kita Kami.

For her robe, we decided to go for an anti-mainstream look. This linen dress set is the ideal attire we imagined Anna would be wearing while touring the Museum - plain but unique. It just goes really well with the interior of the venue ✨

Plus point of Museum Macan, the possibilities for photo styling are endless! Just only from her morning robe session, there was already so many beautiful angles and different styles. Definitely recommended for you guys who want a unique beauty session!

Changing into her bridal attire, she wore this long statement earrings from Phoebe, and we honestly can't take our eyes off her. This was the perfect accessory for her dress.

Revealing her wedding dress, the bride was wrapped in this beautiful dress by Billy Tjong. The combination of the classic white dress with the lace sleeve is just so her - romantic yet edgy!

Another star of the shows, the bridesmaids attire.. This look definitely made it to the list of our favorites! How can you not? From the dress to the bouquet, it was just too cute! 😍

First, let’s talk about the dress. Since the event was held in Museum Macan, we had a vision of a bridal party’s look that is not too formal but not too laid back at the same time. So glad when our bride also had the same excitement the first time we showed what we wanted to achieve for the look of her bridesmaid! Shoutout to SeTaRa for realizing our vision thoroughly💛

This bridesmaid’s look wouldn’t be complete without the presence of a beautiful bouquet, the one we featured previously in her details shoot. Loving how the color of the bouquet was arranged to represent the overall color palette of the wedding!

Groomsmen all ready to accompany the groom to fetch our edgy bride!

First look always got us swooning.. and this was no exception!

Literally, off to get married! Let's talk about their wedding decor, perfect for their intimate event..

Funnily enough, when we first made the concept for S&A, we can’t even decide between earthy color palette or this yellow & purple because the combination of their personalities and the venue gave us that much of privilege ✨ So we decided to prepare both. The bride then chose this color palette and we couldn’t love more on how it turned out!

Taking place in Museum Macan, we basically have a blank canvas to play with, giving us more room to create effortlessly! As a big fan of minimalist & sophisticated, we can easily get the kind of set up that will please S&A.

We chose to mix wood ornaments with black to match the wooden flooring and black window frame that Museum Macan has. As for the backdrop, we initially wanted to create messy floral arrangements to be hung freely, unfortunately the ceiling is too high. However we can use acrylic pedestals to create that “floating effect” we desire! Save this hack for those of you who’d love to have hanging installation but your venue doesn’t allow you to do so 😆 worry no more!

Done with the ceremony, moving on to the fun part, the after party reception! When Anna told us she’d have a dance performance during the after party, the idea of mini dress immediately popped up in our mind.

With her figure, mini dress would look really good, showing off her legs! Flare mini skirt was opted to create a dramatic effect when she danced and last but not least, puffy one shoulder sleeve for the statement! For the hair style, we went for sleek high bun so she can freely dance her night away.

So, that’s a wrap! Thank you Sammy and Anna for being a couple that was so great to work with. We’re just as happy as you both looked in this picture!

As always, great shots from Derai Studio, who beautifully captured all of the images in this post.. Feelings, moments, all wonderfully eternalized by film.

Hope you both stay happy and excited throughout your marriage life! 🤗



Wedding Stylist - @behind.thevows

Invitation & Stationery - @tannabysulla Bouquet - @saatmekar

Bridesmaids Dress - @se.ta.ra

Bridesmaids Bouquet - @___catalea

Venue - @museummacan

Decoration - @rosyposy.project


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