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Dreamy Celestial for Hendro & Keishia's Wedding

We're pretty sure everyone loves the stars and the moon to some extent, but our encounter with this couple was different. Keishia absolutely loved galaxies, hence her request to incorporate as much of it into her wedding theme!

Mixed with an element of rustic arrangements and paired with galaxy elements, we knew this was going to be a fun and exciting project!

All the hints were there right from the very beginning, starting from their wedding details. From the invitation keepsake to the hairpiece - all carrying moon & stars elements - we customised according to what Keishia loved, but still keeping it timeless for a wedding. Bespoke calligraphy suite by Claudia Rachel featured a celestial set, filled with constellations and galaxies.. Love the quote in the moon cut out!

Of course this wedding wouldn't be complete without celestial hairpieces.. This one was by Hummingbird Road, and featured a moon and stars sparkly pins. How dreamy!

If you notice, the colour palette isn’t the typical colour that is regularly used in a celestial wedding. Sailor Blue is applied here, then blending it with apricot, lilac, blush, and other earthy colours, resulting in a palette so uniquely theirs.

The bridal shoes were nothing less than dreamy. This beautiful piece by Cava Prive features lace and beadings, and were adorned with fully 3D beaded long straps around the ankle for a more secure fit. Pretty and functional at the same time!

Too pretty to not be captured! ✨

We were just thrilled when Keishia agreed to the idea of a short dress for her morning prep which allowed her to wander around during the session.

This piece by Tiffany Liem Studios was perfected with puffed sleeves for a more playful effect, and of course, embroidered with the moon and stars detail to match the wedding concept. Such a unique piece made especially for Keishia!

Paired with the long and fluffy veil, her short dress stood out as a one of a kind piece.

Moving on to the actual wedding dress, also by Tiffany Liem Studio. Shimmering garland of embroidered crescent moons and stars for made for Keishia’s wedding dress.

This dress surely made its way to the list of dreamiest dresses we’ve ever seen 🤩 For the holy matrimony, detachable off shoulder was attached for a more conservative look.

You can definitely spot this beauty from afar. The embroidery was completed with glitter fabric, shining the dress and lighting our bride up!

Her morning look wouldn’t be complete without this beautiful bouquet from Baleton Flower Chef, perfectly combining all colours from the wedding palette. Paired with the groom who was wearing beige coloured suit, the couple shot is looking so fine!

Her bridesmaids were all wearing nude coloured dresses for a neutral look to balance out the dreamy galaxy theme. Polished with the earthy tone bouquet, the bridesmaids were looking stunning!

As owners of skincare brands, Hendro & Keishia decided to gift their bridesmaid with products of from own brand!

Packaged beautifully in a light brown wicker bag, this hamper was surely useful and beautiful.

To match the celestial theme, the products also had very unique names and packaging design. Spot "Into the Night, Silver Moon, Cloud", all very celestial names fit for the wedding concept!

Next, let's start the section with the reception decor!

Located in the heart of Jakarta, loving how this hidden gem offers a simple layout with an ideal size for an intimate party. Combining barn & garden style, Taman Kajoe is definitely the perfect venue for H & K reception party!

We had the pleasure working together with Bloomsville Decor in transforming this place into a dreamy celestial garden. By enhancing the rustic feels through the furniture & ornaments, this wedding appears unique from the typical rustic themed wedding.

To create the ambiance we desire, the welcome sign & registration area was made from all wood-like material, while consistently using fresh & pastel coloured flowers on top of it.

Oh, look how this perfectly blends with the venue ✨

Another multifunction installation integrated in H&K’s reception decoration. Here you can take a closer look on how we used the removable Xuang Xi sign, turning this corner into a Teapai backdrop. The next second the sign was detached, it instantly turned into a photo spot 😍

Take a look at the dangling moon, stars, and fairy lights hanging on the ceiling, beautifully lighting up the area.

After her morning session, Keishia changed her look but still using the same dress! Interested to find out the next look?

Major shoutout to Hummingbird Road for creating this adorable celestial hairpiece. Complemented with the braid ponytail hairstyle, our bride looking as outstanding as ever!

For the second look, the puff sleeve was exchanged into the pearl beaded strap with star details, creating an alluring look to our bride! And finally, one of the most interesting part of the dress...

If you take a closer look, the Swarovski crystals were arranged to form the zodiac constellations of the couple: Pisces & Libra 😍

Back to decor, the moment our guests entered the outdoor area, they were greeted with a beautiful wooden wishes area.

Our couple wanted their wedding to be interactive, with this cute corner for the guests to write their messages and blessings! Bloomsville decorated the surrounding areas with lush florals according to the wedding palette, resulting in a dreamy celestial corner for them!

Our couple making their grand entrance to the main stage..

The bridal stage: center point of a reception. Giant moon & star flower sculpture was built as the backdrop, perfected by mini garden on the right, which functions to lengthen the installation, occupying the venue’s spacious area.

A bit background story, our couple were firmed from the beginning for not having guests dining in during the reception party. Months later the circumstances favour their decision as a dine in restriction was applied due to the pandemic. Well this explains why you won’t spot any tables around the area!

Some more snippets of their beautiful decor.

Next up, one of the most aesthetic element, the wedding cake by EC Cakery.

Notice the colourful wires with stars and the moon topper details on the cake, such a captivating feature that matches our bride’s favourites!

Compilation of moments we love, all beautifully captured by Dicky from Iluminen Pictures. Precious memories for Hendro & Keishia! 😍😍

Thank you H&K for giving us the chance to style your dreamy celestial wedding! We had so much fun styling your wedding, and we wish you all the joy and happiness in your marriage life!


Together with them we made their wedding dreams came true:

Concept & Styling @behind.thevows

Organizer @as2organizer


Personal flowers @baletonflowerchef

Photo & Video @iluminen

Suit: @agusslim

Hairpiece: @hummingbirdroad

Shoes: @cavaprive

Stationery @claudiaarachel


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