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Draping Wonderland for Erik and Della's Wedding

The pandemic has been going on for awhile now, and with it came regulations about gatherings in public spaces, particularly how the number of guests allowed are now limited.

Aside from the regulations, intimate weddings open up the opportunity to splurge on a more decor-centric event and a more heartwarming experience surrounded by closest friends and family. So is it really a surprise that intimate weddings are on the rise? Let’s take a look at the one we styled for Erik and Della, definitely one in our favourites list!

We adopted mainly a white and grey aesthetic, finished with hints of navy blue and olives for their colour palette. As our couple had a very small guest list, they opted not to print invitations, and chose to have a calligraphy keepsake of their special day instead.

Featuring our styling details session with the calligraphy set made by @claudiaarachel. We absolutely adore the delicate little details on this set, from the dark navy tassels, to the main invitation, everything was according to the planned concept. We also wanted to have additional props during styling, so there was a piece of written calligraphy on curled paper for a more dynamic styling.

More details from the styling shoot with @houseofpapeterie’s stationery! This navy coloured Holy Matrimony book was customised especially for Erik & Della’s blessing ceremony. The design was modern and minimalistic, just the aesthetic we were going for. Souvenirs were provided by @arumanis_gift , who also designed the packaging with blue shades and romantic calligraphy notes for all the guests.

Della was one of our most adventurous brides, in terms of her wedding robe, she wore a design few would’ve dared! This robe consisted of two parts, an inner bodysuit design made from thick lace, and an outer fluffy tulle cover up.

The bodysuit inner was made from a baroque design lace and featured a backless design, like we said, daring! The outer had a dramatic neckline made entirely from tulle, providing its lush and poof detail. While the rest of the outer featured lots of pleated tulle and had a long train finishing. A very dreamy robe and definitely a choice for those who would want something different!

One of our favourite things during the morning prep is the relaxed and casual moments shared between the bride and her bridesmaids. Here we have the bridesmaids boxes filled with curated and personalised gifts.

After the initial morning prep in her robe, Della changed to her dress for Holy Matrimony. Keeping in mind the modernism theme, she opted for a satin mermaid dress with a high cut that accented her tiny waist.

The material was purely satin with no embellishments, with sleeves cover up. The sleeves were adorned with strewn fabric flower petals on the shoulders, making it just the right balance between classic and fun. Also showing off our bride’s figure, the dress featured a low back design, and paired with a white veil adorned by white pearls.

Did you notice our bride’s love of pearls? Her wedding shoes, her earrings for the day, and her reception headpiece all had pearl detailing! The smooth satiny finish from the pearls definitely give off modernism and minimalistic, so on brand with our concept.

Let's move on to the decoration! Both events, Holy Matrimony and reception were held in the same area, The Hermitage Courtyard.

Starting from the entrance, guests were greeted with this gold frame and mirror sign signifying the union of the happy couple. The sign was placed alongside the registration table, with a small cluster of white florals adorning it. This very intimate wedding entrance sure had its own charm.

Hanging fabric photos of our couple greeted the guests when they first step in, followed by rows and rows of white romantic candles. Clusters of romantic florals decorated the aisle, followed by an all clean altar table.

Don’t you just adore how @thehermitagejkt’s Courtyard was completely transformed by @myvoila with an all white and clean aesthetic for the holy matrimony?

We chose to cover the entire floor with grey carpet to maintain the modern look, while all guest chairs were in an acrylic to create the illusion of a bigger space. The aisle was a special request from our couple, as they loved the idea of walking on a calligraphy carpet.

The backdrop was such a stunner, with hand-painted mountainous detail in navy and grey, completed with multiple lush draping white Amaranthus forming a frame.

Also spot the draping Amaranthus florals on the ceiling of the venue, all blending together perfectly, making for this ultra beautiful decoration for the bride and groom.

For the cake, we chose a draping design with simple floral detailing and neutral coloured icing to match the whole theme. Beautiful textures by EC Cakery.

After the blessing, the venue was transformed into an intimate dinner reception setting for a celebration with their closest friends. To keep the clean and luxurious look, crystal tableware were used to elevate the table setting. Personalised calligraphy menus, place cards and sand-coloured napkins were added on top to complete the table scape.

The acrylic altar table was reused as a sweetheart bridal table for two. Wanting to keep the whole look sleek, a full phalaenopsis orchid centrepiece was placed on the middle for the finishing touch.

We wouldn’t have achieved this look if it weren’t for the full grey carpet flooring installed. We can’t stress enough the importance of full flooring, so future brides, do consider the aesthetics of full flooring. You won’t regret it!

The theatre style chairs during holy matrimony were rearranged and sets of long tables were brought into the room. White tablecloths and light olive runners dressed the table, with all fresh floral centrepieces atop the runner.

Dreamy and romantic floral arrangements were all around, elevating the atmosphere of the reception. Not to forget how the warm lighting ambience lit up the place, exuding an intimate and cozy vibe for all the guests attending.

For her reception look, the bride took off the detachable sleeves while @tiffanyliemstudio sewed on satin straps on the wedding dress, giving her a more personalised look. To accentuate the look, a diamond ribbon belt from @hummingbirdroad was added to highlight her waist.

Her hair was tied up in a wavy ponytail for a fun and laid back hairstyle to party with her closest friends. Spot the full pearl headband also by @hummingbirdroad beautifully adorning our bride’s hairstyle!

Congratulations Erik and Della for such a beautiful wedding! Thank you for trusting us to be a part of your special day, it was truly a joy to work with you both! 🤍


Together with them, we made their wedding dreams came true:

Wedding Conceptor & Stylist - @behind.thevows

Papeteries - @houseofpapeterie

Calligraphy - @claudiaarachel

Souvenir - @arumanis_gift

Decoration - @myvoila

Photography - @reynardkarmanphoto Videography - @thebroompictures

Gown & Bridal Robe - @tiffanyliemstudio

Cake - @ec_cakery


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