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Calla Lilies Galore for Martin & Devina's Wedding

Take a bride who wants the classic white and green colour palette, and loves a specific type of flower, and we've got a world of calla lilies! That's right, Devina here loves calla lilies enough to transform her wedding theme into a splendid calla garden. Inspired by the twirly nature of the flower, we incorporated curves, clean finishes and touches of gold for her wedding.

For their intimate wedding, Martin and Devina love the Hyatt Penthouse, which comfortably houses guests and provides natural sunlight through out its floor to ceiling windows, and we can say this space provides beautiful ambience for the decor theme!

Okay enough introduction to their wedding, let us show you the journey for calla lilies galore, the wedding of Martin and Devina.

Taking into mind their theme, The Other Day beautifully created this calligraphy keepsake with all the important elements, from the colour to the illustrations, this stunning piece wowed us!

Another part that makes us love the wedding industry is when we hear each couple's story. M&D are devotees of the Virgin Mary, and it was incorporated into the calligraphy set, along with an illustration of the beautiful church in which they were officiated. This kind of details add so much personal touches and makes their calligraphy set uniquely theirs!

Devina started the wedding prep from her own home, spot her beautifully posing for pictures! Here she's wearing a victorian style robe from that effortlessly complements her look.

Not to forget, a worthy mention of her straight sleek bob hairstyle! Who says that long hair is a must on your wedding day? Inspiration for all future brides with a short bob, opt to show your hair in a sleek straight style!

We wanted to go for 'classic' and it was greatly accentuated in this style, her victorian-styled robe and this white & green set up, makes for an everlasting wedding look that will never go out of style.

Featuring our bride's dress, dominant with elegant white satin material for an everlasting look. The off shoulder element of the dress really gives it a touch of edge, but still keeping it sophisticated with the minimal amount of beadings. For more statement, she chose to cover the long skirt with subtle glittery material, providing shine with every step she took! To finish it off, she had a simple train from satin material.

The entire look suited her very well, accenting the decor elements, as well as maintaining her classic look.

Of course, for a calla lily themed wedding, you wouldn't have any other flower, would you?

Her bouquet consisted of asymmetrically arranged calla lilies with long stems, wrapped nicely in white satin ribbon, making it the perfect accessory for her to carry when they walked down the aisle.

Starting the decor with a wow factor, we chose to utilise The Penthouse's original foyer table, by coming up with this statement flower arrangement!

This beautiful installation also functioned as a photo-spot and separator between rooms, just because we love creating something aesthetic that is also functional! 🤍

We'd like to shoutout to @de_sketsa_group for realising our vision excellently, and for executing this amazing decor work!

Intimate celebration wouldn’t be complete without pretty tablewares and stationeries! Of course @se.meja and @houseofpapeterie knows best.

Since the colour palette were white, green with a touch of gold, we’re adding more golds onto the table, while keeping everything else neutral.

Hence, the white paper with white wax seal, for a truly elegant look. This table setting is true béaute! 🤩

For their wedding cake, @sweetsalt_id chose to incorporate the curves and drapes of the calla lily flower, resulting in this stunning all white 3 tiered cake, with a statement drapery in the side. An absolute showstopper of the event!

Their wedding aisle was kept clean with wide white melamine flooring, and a thick garden of calla lilies! This dreamy set up was one we couldn't get over. Imagine walking down this aisle, must be the dream for all you classic brides!

Due to the space of the Penthouse, the guest tables and chairs were placed next to the aisle, creating a sense of lush and full decor in this space. For their wedding, we picked olive acrylic chairs to make the room feel more spacious and simultaneously giving a modern feels into the venue.

Once again dominated by white calla lilies, we transformed The Hyatt Penthouse into a world of Calla Lily!

Moving on to the bridal backdrop and table, here we wanted the ambiance to feel light and spacious, hence having the idea to a floating spiral flower arrangement!

We didn't want to overwhelm the room, so this floating arrangement made such a beautiful statement with its pops of calla lilies.

As for the bridal table, this special set up for two featured mirror tables and mirror golden chairs, paired with an installation of calla lilies in vases! Wanting to avoid "too much" going on, we chose to highlight the flower installation as the focal point of decor in the areas surrounding the bridal table.

As always, we finish with the bird-eyes view of the decor! Always love picture taken from this angle, as we’re able to see the full scale of the impressive decoration.

This all white and green and specifically using one type of flower only decor, will always hold a special place in our hearts, as one of the most classic and everlasting weddings we've worked on!

Now, snippets from the wedding we absolutely adored.

Thank you Martin & Devina for your trust, it was a pleasure styling your wedding, and we wish you both a lifetime of happiness and a beautiful married life!


Shoutout to these amazing vendors behind M&D's big day!

Wedding Conceptor & Stylist - @behind.thevows Wedding Organizer - @marknco

Decoration - @de_sketsa_group

Photo & Video - @antheiaphoto

Calligraphy -

Stationery - @houseofpapeterie

Tableware - @se.meja


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