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Beautiful Blues for Vicky & Karina's Wedding

Hello again our fellow wedding lovers! This time, we're off to style a wedding in Jambi, another major city in Indonesia. Got to say our job has us exposed to so many different cities and cultures, we're definitely enjoying the journey..

For Karina who loves blue shades, we concepted a colour palette with shades of blues and a touch of fuchsia, and one of the major decor elements were mirror surfaces. To start, we ask you to enjoy this beautiful invitation set by Papeworks..

Featuring this suite, with lots of different materials and shapes. What we love about this was the use of mirror hardboard for the main invitation.

Choosing to play on modern design, you can see this suite emphasizes on serif fonts and wavy patterns, keeping the overall look modern with minimalist details.

Look closely and you'll spot their matching vow books. The flap of the vow books were cut in a wavy pattern, creating a harmony with the entire invitation suite. Along with it, we styled the book with gold chain accessories, completing the entire look nicely.

We're major fans of matching papeteries as well! We engaged House of Papeterie to create this menu book for Vicky & Karina.

Acrylic wedding ring box is also spotted here! Talking about ring box, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions about the differences between this ring box and the smaller ring box previously shown.

The small ring box is usually made of velvet. Not only function as your wedding flat-lay’s enhancement, it’s also perfect for daily use and very convenient when you’re traveling as well!

While the bigger ring box (could be acrylic or wooden based) is more suitable for the ring bearer. Due to its size, this type of ring box frequently functions as a keepsake in the future. We highly suggest investing on both types of ring boxes as it each brings its own charm!

Moving on to the morning preparation, Karina wore a stunning dress from Yogie Pratama. More details shown below..

Dramatic halter neckline for Karina’s holy matrimony dress. Looking from afar, this might look like a plain white dress, but let us tell you this is not just an ordinary plain wedding dress!

Closely watched, it has a ruched detail which accentuates the body and at the same time creating an edgier vibe. In addition, the extended ribbon on the waist delivered a feminine touch to the whole look.

The dramatic neckline was detachable, perfect for when you want a classic look.

Another feature of the dress was the back design, this one featured a unique geometric cut on the back, without revealing too much, Karina looked sexy and elegant for the day!

Pastel blue was the colour chosen for the bridesmaids’ dress to create a stand out look, while simultaneously still blending in with the whole decoration. Similar to Karina’s wedding dress, you must take a detailed look to see that its actually not a typical bridesmaid dress!

This dress has a pleats texture and slit, making the bridesmaids look so stylish! Shoutout to Kauseya for translating our request flawlessly.

Moving on to the blessing ceremony decor, the part we're most obsessed about!

It's not everyday our couples get married in a temple, and this one absolutely take the cake for being grand.

We loved the all white interior of this temple, meaning that we're able to translate a clean decor look into the ceremony!

First off, we covered the temple walls with white fabric for a cleaner look. Loved how our couple contrasted against the fabric, without any distracting background.

To strengthen the all white interior, we utilised white tiffany chairs as the ‘cherry on top’. This results in a more sleek & clean ambiance, which then balanced out with the messy floral installations! The original giant Buddha statue contributed in building the sacred feeling of the ceremony.

Another major part of the decor, the all mirror aisle as the leading pathway! With everything in place, the entire setup was grand, and elegant. Perfect for our couple's Holy Matrimony!

Proud to announce our beautiful husband and wife, ready for a few portrait sessions!

Black and white photographs never fail to impress us.. Timeless, and you can practically feel the emotions from this pic! Beautifully shot by Stanley Allan from PPF Photos.

Moving on to the reception party, we changed the arrangements to a bolder colour with blue, grey and a little bit of plum. Admiring this shot of the groom who was about to do the first dance!

For the reception look, Karina changed into a stunning ballgown! Also by Yogie Pratama, this one had intricate 3D organza flowers hand sewn to the whole dress, bringing out the feminine side of our bride.

Combined with the visible bustier for the modern yet edgy side, this gown is such an unusual piece! 😍

A final pic to close this post..

Thank you Vicky & Karina for the chance to style your Jambi wedding, letting us explore with new concept for a sacred blessing place.

We wish you both a long and happy marriage!


Wedding Conceptor & Stylist - @behind.thevows

Photo & Video - @stanleyallan @ppfphoto

Invitation - @papeworks

Stationery - @houseofpapeterie


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