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Antonius and Savina's Bright Dual-Toned Wedding

Two bright colours joined to celebrate the union of Antonius and Savina. The vibrant bursts of yellow and fuchsia were the highlight of the wedding’s colour palette as it represents the uniting of the two families. The floral pops and butterfly theme complimented these colours and personalised the wedding. Hope and endurance— the beautiful emotions represented by the symbol of a butterfly became the staple on their special day. The couple is of course very fond of telling their love journey through symbolism as apparent on their engagement day, which we also had the honour of styling.

Starting off with the beautifully detailed calligraphy suite from Truffy Pi. Butterfly shaped cutouts were scattered all over the keepsakes to give it a lively illusion. Sweetening the whole deal was a custom made paper weight featuring a fuchsia shade for a more feminine touch.

Following suit were the vow books, which featured hand painted yellow and fuchsia garden. We styled these with bright ranunculus blooms to make everything more dream-like!

The menu and other supporting papeteries also featured the bright florals and butterflies to match with the rest of the stationery. Spot the curvy cut of the menu! We simply adore House of Papeterie for their detailed work!

Another design we loved were the fuchsia Holy Matrimony books! Keeping it classic with lots of gold foiling and embossing detail on a suede cover, and finished with a bright yellow long tassel.

Given the vibrant colouring and sprightly theme, we wanted to balance out those elements with some classic twists. One of those twists being the tradition of something blue. The bride chose to incorporate a touch of blue in her morning robe, designed by Yefta Gunawan. She simply looked stunning wrapped in a cocoon of timeless satin!

We always love any little detail that would take our beloved clients’ special day to another level. This time, it was by decorating the bridal suite. Not only would it brighten up the morning prep, it also gave our bride the chance to do a beauty shoot session fully surrounded by florals. The result? simply stunning!

Still adhering to the classics, Savina opted for a high-necked lace concoction featuring, you guessed it, butterfly appliqués. She was the very portrait of elegance!

To complement the bride, we went with the chic route for the bridesmaids’ attire. They wore a striking fuchsia satin slip dress from Malika by Modelano and vintage-like rattan bonnet with long black ribbon.

Completing the whole look were the bridesmaids bouquets styled as baskets of ‘handpicked’ flowers arranged by Flore Bastille. Don’t you think they perfectly match the garden ambience of the whole theme?

On to one of the most exciting parts of the day, the decoration! As promised, the bright dual tone of the colour palette were incorporated in every part of the decor. From the chandelier arches that decorated the welcome area, on to the main backdrop, and even guest tables later on.

This entrance arch served to frame the bride and groom’s entrance, representing how each side met in the middle for their Holy Union. Dominantly created with only two types of florals, baby’s breaths and roses, this floral arch was breathtakingly beautiful, set against the green gardens of Langham’s outdoor venue.

Along with the concept of the whole wedding, the rest followed suit! We opted with ceiling decoration that would frame the whole picture, along with pops of florals and chandeliers adorned with laser-cut butterflies.

Even the chairs stayed true to the symbolisms of the two families uniting! The left side of the area were all yellow, from the florals, to the chairs used that were specially sourced from Luxe Living Bali, while the right side were all fuchsia.

We chose to do a butterfly silhouette as the focal point of the decoration. The wings of the butterfly were divided into two colours, one side a yellow gradient, and the other a fuchsia pink gradient. Both colours gradually merged into each other signifying the couple's union. Even though it seemed as if the two families were divided within the two colours, the butterfly in the middle presiding over the bride and groom served as the bridge that connected them all.

The idea of engaging Sweet Salt for the wedding cake was perfect! The slim five-tiered cake had a pale yellow base, with white lace detailing. The lace detailing itself was based on Savina’s wedding dress lace!

Strewn all over and asymmetrically on the cake, were sugar butterflies, all created in a gradient of fuchsia and yellow. Loved how everything matched together in one concept!

Matching the chic garden vibe of the decoration, we opted with these vintage inspired porcelain tableware from Se Meja. Large white classic plates, paired with smaller floral starter plates made for a stunning combination. Atop that, sat yellow napkins and the beautifully crafted menu as well as a resin place name!

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle, the guest tables. Truly dedicated to the concept, some of the tables dressed and decorated in all things yellow, and some in all things fuchsia. The place cards were cut to the shape of butterflies, too! Aren't they just the most delicate you've ever seen?

Thank You Antonius and Savina for trusting us again, this time, with your wedding day! We were really honoured to help you in crafting this beautiful story about your love journey. We hope it was reflected vibrantly throughout your wedding celebration as it has in your lives 🤍



Wedding Stylist - @behind.thevows

Calligraphy - @truffypi

Stationery - @houseofpapeterie

Souvenir - @the_clementines

Bridal Robe & Dress - @yeftagunawan

Bridesmaid Dress - @malikabymodelano

Bridesmaid Bouquet - @florebastille

Tableware - @se.meja

Photo - @ivanmario


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