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Vertical Anthurium Garden for Raychie and Chrisanti's Wedding

Here at Behind the Vows, we always love when couples come to us with unique requests. Raychie and Chrisanti was one of those couples, they came to us with one big request in mind: anthuriums—hundreds of it!

Their love for anthurium was woven through every aspect of their wedding detail, starting with the stationery. We chose neutral colours like greens, beiges, and hints of mauve; all inspired by the natural colours of anthuriums. Not only playing with colours, House of Papeterie adorned the wedding stationery with anthurium illustrations to emphasise the theme.

During our styling shoot, we also chose to use this flower as accents to bring out the unique charm of this wedding theme even more!

Another unique request we love, this time from the bride, was bathrobe sessions with the bridesmaids. Chrisanti opted for bathrobes instead of satin robes for a raw and pure ambience during the morning preparations. We also prepared some coffee and snacks to give the photo sessions a more natural and casual ambience, all beautifully captured by @reynardkarmanphoto.

The bridesmaids were then given anthurium bouquets (to match the theme, naturally) and changed into dark sage green satin dresses. Each with differing styles to complement each of their charms.

The choice of anthuriums for her wedding theme reflected the bride’s personality: modern, edgy, yet still romantic. It’s no surprise then, that you’d find those qualities also reflected on the wedding dress, beautifully crafted by @stellarissa. The top part was a halter neckline made of tulle for the romantic vibe and then combined with a sleek satin skirt for the modern look! Pay a closer attention at the skirt, and you’ll spot the detail we are so in love with—the intricate geometry pleating. A seemingly small twist that gave the whole look an edge!

The Holy Matrimony took place in the center of Jakarta, Hyatt on Five to be precise. As it was an outdoor venue with loads of natural sunlight, we feel it was the perfect place to highlight the anthuriums and botanicals. Shout out to for transforming the area into a modern garden with the addition of acrylic details. Love how dreamy and dramatic this decoration was under the fine weather!

Family members were then ushered inside for the Tea Ceremony. We wanted to keep the modern look while emphasising minimalism and of course, not to forget, the anthurium details!

Right after the Tea Ceremony, all the guests were directed to the indoor area for the lunch reception. First thing’s first, they were greeted by a lush and unique welcome sign. We purposely styled it as a geometrical acrylic structure to give the guests a hint on what was waiting for them inside. Starting from the beginning we wanted them to unconsciously experience the ‘vertical garden’ vibe, as that would be the main centerpiece of the reception!

The welcome area was then completed with the inclusion of a modest photo gallery and registration area, all elegantly adorned with pops of anthuriums.

As guests stepped inside the indoor area, they would be greeted by the pièce de résistance: the Vertical Garden. Filled to the brim with lush botanicals and more than 800 anthuriums! To achieve this look, steel frames were installed to form a curving backdrop that gave a distinct dynamic to the whole room. Notice the silver of the steel and mirrored name sign? That specific detail was what gave the decor a modern and edgy touch, making it separate and different from a 'rustic' concept.

Let’s talk about the Bridal Table set up! We opted for a neutral coloured table cloth to offset the backdrop while still highlighting the table area. The lush arrangements on the table followed this neutral colour scheme to create a harmonious look.

The tableware followed suit with the neutrals, accentuated with mauve place cards, and topped with a particular shade of real anthurium flowers. Saying it was hard to find the exact anthurium with the colour we desired is an understatement--so grateful to who went the extra mile to find them!

This stunningly unique cake by @ivoirecakedesign is definitely worth a shoutout!

We simply adore the effort and craftsmanship in order to create the perfect shape and detail combinations, and of course the anthuriums as the cherry on top!

Moving on to the guest tables, minimalist style of arrangements was opted. In keeping with the neutral theme of the bridal table, we balanced it out with linen tablecloths and acrylic chairs.

Thank you Raychie & Chrisanti for trusting us to bring your anthurium galore dream into reality. It was truly a privilege, and would definitely go down our wedding history books! Congratulations and best wishes for a fun-filled future together.


Together with them, we made their wedding dreams came true:

Wedding Conceptor & Stylist - @behind.thevows

Wedding Organiser - @rivierajakarta

Photo & Video - @reynardkarmanphoto

Dress - @stellarissa

Lighting - @evolightpro

Tableware - @se.meja

Stationery - @houseofpapeterie


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