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Andrew and Caroline's Dashing Elegant Wedding

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

From the wedding of Andrew & Caroline - A solid proof that love will win. Amidst all the uncertainties and countless changes of plan, finally last Sunday, their big day happened!

With black as the main color, indeed its a very fun wedding to style! This wedding has a daring theme to play with; we are challenged to create a bold look without looking gothic and too dark at the same time!

Let's start with their stationery details! We made this bespoke handwritten invitation for Andrew & Caroline. We’re combining black with gold just because these two colors are just the perfect representation of daring and elegance. Petals of the burgundy calla lily are also hand-painted to the stationaries to match the hand bouquet and boutonniere of our couple.

Then, the morning session won't be complete without beauty shoot of this beautiful bride @cvwijaya, brushed by @priscillamyrna! Adoring every single detail of her beautiful lace robe and classic yet dreamy tube wedding dress from the touch of ruffles to the sparkling glitter, making her bridal glow shines even more!

The morning bouquet ❤️ Major love on this burgundy calla lily arrangement with a touch of black, perfected with a black ribbon from @Khayalkini!

Now let's move to their reception party!

Moments from the grand entrance and the first dance - this romantic and intimate ambience of the decoration made their first dance even more memorable. Oh, this is what we love about intimate wedding!

Furthermore, we want to talk more about their wedding decoration, that absolutely dashing through the night!

The bridal stage: the centrepiece of this wedding decoration.

Remember what we said about black being the main color of your wedding? YUP! Combining black with other bold colors like maroon, berries, coral, purple and blue is definitely the perfect combo to make your wedding stands out. As you can see the result is to die for: just the perfect balance between unique, luxurious, but fresh at the same time!

Take a closer look inside the bridal stage of #thelazarol. The gold pipes inside the stage was initially designed to make the stage less dark, fortunately it also helps to create dimension for both of the structure and the flower arrangements. Thus, if you see it from the front side, it will appear three dimensional. All the tableware also matches the overall look of the stage - black plate, gold-foiled black printed menu, and the gold cutleries.

And you know what is the best part? Mirror surface on the bridal table which reflects the hanging flowers on top of them, enables the bridal party to eat with a view!

Detailed look on both bridal and guest tables. Using all gold & black tableware, and having a bunch of fresh flowers in berries color with gold wire mesh ornaments as the centrepiece - what a truly "Dashing Elegant" wedding!

Shoutout to our daring bride for trusting us in creating this look🤩

And of course to @khayalkini for turning our design concept even prettier than we imagined it could be!

Finally, Happy Wedding Andrew & Caroline, thank you for trusting us to be part of your big day. May your love shine through the years!

Together with these dream team, we made their wedding dream came true! #thelazarol

Concept, & Styling: @behind.thevows

Calligraphy: @ecriture_id

Decoration: @khayalkini

Lighting: @glowlightpro

Photography: @ppfphoto @fcgweddings

Videography: @renryan_

Dress: @hiantjen

Hairdo: @pennyhairdo

Wedding Cake: @lenovellecake


Invitation: @thefinepress

Wedding Dance: @foursteps_wd


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