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An Homage to Art Deco for Gregory and Sherly's Wedding

Gregory and Sherly approached us with their love for Art Deco and everything related to the Roaring 20's, so naturally we wanted to showcase that through their wedding concept. The 1920s has always been famous for its lavish style, so it's no surprise that this wedding incorporated bold colors and a distinct flair.

Starting off with their wedding stationery, we paired gold embellishments and patterns that are famous during the era with a contrasting dark blue background. Love how classic and elegant the result is!

We then incorporated the geometrical art deco patterns onto the Holy Matrimony book as well, which gave it a modern feel while still staying true to the theme.

For the morning preparation, the bride wore a strapless chiffon bridal robe with a lace bodice. We also paired it with a caped blazer to accentuate the 1920s influence on her attire.

The bride then changed into a two-piece wedding dress that consists of a bedazzled long sleeved outer, and a layer of A-line train. For a fun little twist, the inner layer also included sequined shorts.

Bedecked in white, sequins, and a crisp suit, our couple is ready for the Church Matrimony. For the decoration, we opted for a white and green classic floral arrangements, transforming the area into a serene scenery.

Speaking of transformations, the time has come for the reception party and the bride changed into a new look by taking off the sheer bedazzled outer layer. The fun inner shorts practically says “ready to party!"

Moving on to the reception decoration, we wanted to utilise vintage props and fur to accentuate the 1920s era. We incorporated those elements on the welcome sign, seating chart, and registration table. Love how classic and elegant everything turned out! We also added some crystals to give it a touch of glam that are usually identical to the Art Deco era.

Mesh fabric and a geometric shape were brought in for the entrance gate to give it a modern twist. To stay on brand with the theme we chose bold blues and purples for the floral arrangements.

Keeping bold colours in mind, we also incorporated it for the table scapes and decor, highlighting everything with golden Olivia chairs.

Take a look at the tablescape details from both bridal and guest tables. Even the place cards were so appealing, they were made from resin coaster. In addition, these aesthetic napkin ring, menu and the fur are definitely the highlight! Don’t you agree that all of these accessories reflected the theme very well?

The backdrop is where things get even more interesting! We really wanted to implement Art Deco patterns while still making it feel modern and airy, as we also wanted to put emphasis the beautiful Bali scenery. The gold details and dark navy blue provided a contrast that blended nicely with its surroundings.

To emphasize the color palette and to achieve the glamorous ambience, we continued using shades of blue and purple flowers in the area! The crystal touches also gave the whole decoration a harmonious flow. Shout out to @ailuosidecor for bringing our vision to life!

As we have stated before, Art Deco is identical with heavy geometric design and pattern, so we opted for a square shaped cake instead of the regular one! The ornament was made heavy on one side to create the minimalist look, and perfected with the gold string on top of it!

Gregory and Sherly wanted to dance under the stars, and we wanted to make those ‘stars’ visible as they dance the night away. Hence, we requested these special fairy lights to create that starry effect! Oh, what a dreamy evening to be remembered!

Congratulations to Gregory and Sherly! and Thank you for trusting us to bring your wedding dream to life🤍


Together with them, we made their wedding dreams came true:

Wedding Conceptor & Stylist - @behind.thevows

Wedding Organizer - @baliweddingspecialist

Calligraphy - @claudiaarachel

Stationery - @houseofpapeterie

Decoration - @ailuosidecor

Photo & Video - @venemapictures @ini_niel


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