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Providing personalized creative directions through your event design & concept.


We hold the firm belief that every project we come across is a story waiting to be brought to life, with our guidance to be turned into a bespoke creation that aligns perfectly with your most ambitious dreams.


While Behind The Vows started with just wedding planning, our unwavering passion for bringing our clients' dreams to life transcends the boundaries of any single event. We aspire to infuse the same essence and charm into a broader spectrum, extending our expertise and dedication for a diverse range of events and celebrations.


As we continuously commit ourselves to making your celebration experience truly yours, we would love to invite you to explore our services. 

With love, 


Laila & Franciska

Mike & Lucita Wedding Day-539.jpg


Take a glance at our projects: compilation of love stories wrapped in beautiful pictures and narrations, where we channel the reason behind every wedding concept. This gallery will take you through the background story we’d really love to share, cause it matters as much as the result.

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