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Behind the Vows is a wedding conceptor & stylist, dedicated to make your “Once in a Lifetime” unique and beautifully personalised. Founded in 2019 by two best friends who styled and helped each other’s wedding, we later realised our love and passion in styling a wedding. Not stopping there, we wanted to turn our new-found hobby into a profession. 

We believe what makes every wedding different is the couple; your chemistry, personality, and taste. We are a team of detail-oriented people who put extra attention on wedding aesthetics. We help couple do the research and give suitable recommendations, from wedding concept creation down to vendor selection. We will find vendors based on your style and budget, because as much as we care about aesthetics, we truly understand that everyone has different priorities. By combining your personal taste and our skills, without doubt, your wedding will be unforgettable and most importantly defines YOU!

With love,

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